Five Methods the Holy Spirit Employs to Get Your Attention

How many times have you felt as though you required direction but received no answers to your questions or prayers? Most likely, you have felt this way frequently. After all, most individuals are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of wanting something but being unable to obtain it. Most people are familiar with achieving a goal, accepting a job, or entering a relationship only to realize they have made a grave error. When such occurrences occur, it can be easy to feel anger or to believe that you should have received some sort of warning that things would turn out badly. The truth is that you probably did receive some sort of warning that you were about to commit a grave error. You, however, disregarded the suggestion in the back of your mind to leave. You believed you were superior. However, that small voice may have been the Holy Spirit trying to get your attention. However, you disregarded it. You expected the Holy Spirit to come to you in a blaze of fire, but the Holy Spirit sometimes employs more subtle methods to attempt to communicate with you. Here are five methods by which the Holy Spirit attempts to get your attention.


How frequently do you dream when you go to sleep at night? If you are like the vast majority of humans, you dream every night, but you rarely remember your dreams the following morning. The few that you do remember are preserved primarily as hazy impressions of color, a few vivid images with little to no context, or a faint echo of strong emotion, though you cannot recall what in the dream caused you to feel ecstatic, terrified, or enraged. However, dreams from the Holy Spirit are frequently unique. They are emotionally intense and frequently involve vivid imagery. You also recall them in the morning. In contrast to ordinary dreams, they do not vanish into the ether at dawn. Instead, they linger in your mind for days, weeks, or even months following the initial dream.

Multiple Symbols

The brain is drawn to patterns. Your mind is hardwired to find patterns and significance in everything around you. You may not even be aware of this fact. This explains why, as a child, you thought the shadows cast by the tree outside your window resembled a person and why you believe you can discern individual words in a recording played backward. This innate aversion to randomness can be utilized to your advantage when searching for Holy Spirit-inspired messages. The Holy Spirit may attempt to get your attention by placing identical symbols or signs in your path repeatedly. If you are seeking divine direction and continue to see the same numbers, phrases, or animals, it may be a sign from the Holy Spirit. This is especially true if the numbers correspond to a relevant Bible verse or if the animal, such as a dove, has Christian connotations.

Transmissions From Others

Occasionally, the Holy Spirit uses others to convey His message to you. These messages are typically more explicit than other influences of the Holy Spirit. This indicates that the messages tend to stand out more than other methods the Holy Spirit employs to communicate with you and attract your attention.

Messages from others may arrive in a variety of formats. However, they almost always appear to you as statements from those around you that are eerily pertinent to your situation. A television speaker may appear to be speaking directly to you about your situation. A friend you have not yet told about your problems texts you out of the blue to let you know that they are praying for you. The radio plays an uplifting song precisely when you need it. These kinds of extremely improbable coincidences are typically orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, so pay close attention to them.

Gut Feelings

You have almost certainly been told in the past that when making a decision, you should rely on your gut feeling or pay attention to your instincts. This is outstanding advice. Everything about a situation, whether it’s a new job, new relationship, or new apartment, may appear wonderful, but there is a nagging feeling or knot in your stomach that causes you to hesitate. Sometimes, this is simply a normal response to change. Occasionally, inexplicable nerves or out-of-place excitement are an indication that the Holy Spirit is reaching out to you. When you experience these emotions, examine them carefully to determine whether they are the result of a transition in your life or the Holy Spirit either warning you against something or encouraging you along the path God has ordained for you.

Unopened Doors

Sometimes it seems as though every door you attempt to enter slams in your face. You apply for a new position but are rejected after the final interview. A few weeks after you attempt to strengthen your relationship with your significant other, they leave your life. You attempt to begin exercising again, but you trip and break your leg. When every door closes, it can appear as though God has abandoned you. Typically, however, the opposite is true. When the Holy Spirit shuts doors, it is because you are not meant to enter them. What lies beyond them will prevent you from walking the path that God has laid out. There is a plan, and the Holy Spirit is going to make sure you follow it comes hell or high water. This may seem like cold comfort when you are unemployed and extremely lonely.

You are always being called by the Holy Spirit, but you may not be listening. If you are looking for the spiritual equivalent of a neon sign, you will miss the subtle hints that may be placed along your path. You will disregard warnings, miss opportunities, and then question why you are not receiving directions. You are always surrounded by the Holy Spirit, but that do you no good if you are unwilling to listen to its voice.