Why is True Love so Difficult to Find?

Some individuals easily fall in love, while others struggle. You are not alone in asking, “Why is it so hard to find love?” Numerous singles have not found love or lasting love with another individual. Although there is no particular reason why some individuals find it difficult to find love, there are some explanations.

The term “love” is used flippantly in popular culture, but it is also used to describe the most profound relationships. Perhaps you’ve heard that “love comes when you least expect it,” which means that you’ll meet the right person when you’re not looking. However, dating experts assert that you must actively seek out love, and that doing so can be difficult. If you don’t pursue a quality relationship, you won’t find one, and you’ll end up with whoever or nothing falls into your lap.

Prioritizing the pursuit of new relationships and being open to dating can help one find love. However, if you’ve been dating regularly and can’t find a special someone, here are some reasons why it’s difficult for you to find true love.

You’re afraid to commit

Fear of commitment is the most common reason why finding love is so difficult. Some individuals are frightened by labels, while others are frightened by the ambiguity of their relationships. Committing to another person carries the risk of being hurt, so you may be avoiding commitment altogether.

According to relationship expert April Masini, you must acknowledge your fears in order to overcome them. Acknowledge and verbalize your fears, but do not stop doing something because you fear commitment. If you have found someone you care about or love, be straightforward with them about your emotions. Tell your partner that you’re hesitant to make a commitment, but that this relationship is vital to you and that you want to persevere with their assistance.

You are not prepared for stability

You may enjoy the concept of falling in love, but a relationship requires time and effort. If you tend to flee whenever things become serious, you’re likely not willing to put in the effort required. You may prefer non-monogamous relationships, it may be a temporary phase, or you may wish to play the field. Regardless of the reason, you’re not ready to love a single person.

If you have difficulty initiating or continuing conversations with your partner about future plans or desires, you may be afraid of settling down. People who are afraid of settling down have issues with making things permanent, which is why they have difficulty finding lasting love.

You’re too picky

There is a distinction between discernment and pickiness. When a person dates with discernment, they base their romantic decisions on their preferences without compromising their standards and values. However, when someone is overly picky, they typically operate from a place of fear, as they only want to date individuals who fit their ideal partner profile. Due to self-preservation, by dating in this manner, they eliminate many potential partners. To avoid falling into this trap, you should try to remain open to new opportunities. It would be beneficial if you were more deliberate about forming new relationships. Make an effort to make eye contact, smile more, initiate conversations with anyone and everyone, and be courteous to those around you. If you follow these steps, you will quickly find new connections.

You have suffered pain in the past

If you’ve experienced a heartbreaking breakup or been hurt by a crush, you’re probably afraid of hurting your feelings or unwilling to put yourself out there. People are terrified of opening up to others out of a fear of abandonment, which causes them to avoid the one thing they desire most: a deep, emotional connection with another person. When you are unable to make yourself vulnerable, you eliminate the possibility of forming an intimate relationship.

The fear of abandonment may stem from past pain and the desire to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The most common fears are being mistreated for an extended period of time or being injured. Feeling like a fool is one of the most challenging feelings you hope to never experience again.

You’re fixated on another individual

When your heart is attached to someone, it is difficult to give it to another person. If you spend your days pining after an unattainable crush or missing your ex, no matter how many dates you go on, it will be difficult to connect with others. Sometimes, in order to find love, you must let go of the person who is currently controlling your emotional energy, because they do not deserve it. Thinking about what-ifs, wondering about them, and even having dreams about them require emotional energy. If you devote all of your energy to your ex or crush, you cannot invest in a new relationship.

You have other concerns

Perhaps all of your friends are in relationships, and your family is pressuring you by constantly asking when you’ll meet someone. Even if everyone in your life convinces you that love should be your highest priority, it may not be. If you’re preoccupied with school, work, or a recent relocation, there’s a chance you won’t find love because you’re not looking. There is no contest or race to see how quickly one can find new love. It is acceptable to focus on yourself and take a break from dating. Constantly scouring dating apps or scanning rooms for potential partners diminishes the enjoyment of being single. Therefore, if dating is no longer enjoyable for you, take a break from it for a while.

People who do not recognize their worth will have difficulty finding relationships in which they are valued. If you find it difficult to love yourself, that does not mean you will never find love. However, enhancing your sense of self-worth and attending therapy can make putting yourself out there less frightening. Finding true love can be difficult, but sometimes it requires effort and stepping out of your comfort zone.