What Happened To Merely Observing Football?

If you know me, you are aware that I am an avid sports fan. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I enjoyed observing every sport I could find. Baseball, basketball, football, golf, and even lesser-known sports such as tennis are popular among Americans. As I have aged, I watch football almost exclusively. I enjoy football even when my favorite team (the Philadelphia Eagles) is not being televised, because I can enjoy almost any team. I may have become less enthusiastic about other sports as I’ve aged, but I still adore football. But what is football’s current state?

In the past month, players, owners, and even the commissioner have been the subject of numerous disturbing stories. There are disturbing videos of a woman losing consciousness in an elevator. There are images of welts, bruises, and cuts on the legs of a 4-year-old boy. The commissioner and a team owner have been accused of engaging in cover-up activities. Continuously increasing numbers of athletes have tested positive for performance-enhancing and recreational drugs. It appears to continue without end.

The majority of football telecasts begin with the most recent league scandal of the day. It is almost overwhelming. I enjoy watching football, but this constant flow of negative news regarding the NFL reminds me of how lost our world is. The NFL is probably a microcosm of how lost the world has become. I’ve been talking about sports, but if we turned on any news broadcast, it would be even more discouraging to watch, as local and national news is frequently very discouraging.

Friends, we live in a hopeless society populated by frequently depressed people. It reminds us, as stated in God’s Word, that everywhere there is suffering and pain. According to Isaiah 53:6, “Like sheep, we have all strayed; each of us has chosen our own path, and the LORD has placed all of our sins on him.” There is no righteous person on earth, no one who always does what is right and never sins, according to Ecclesiastes 7:20. Similarly, Romans 3:10 states, “There is no one who is righteous.”

In light of recent events in the NFL, these verses remind me of how hopeless and lost we are apart from Jesus Christ. We are all confronted daily with our own depravity and sin. God deserves praise for overcoming sin and death. He paid for our sins with His blood on the cross. This world will never be “good,” regardless of political or other developments, because we live in a world that has been irretrievably lost.

Remember how great our God is the next time you watch a depressing newscast or a football game in which topics unrelated to football are discussed. A God who knew we would disobey Him and sin every day of our lives nevertheless crucified His Son for you and me.