Making the Most of a New Year: How to Pursue Holistic Health as a Christian

As the new year approaches, many Christians are reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to what’s coming. It’s an important time for developing goals and striving to live life in alignment with God’s plans for us. As part of this process, it is essential that we all make an effort to holistically pursue health. Doing so helps us to better understand who we are and separate our professional identity from our personal identity, while also helping us maintain a healthy balance between work and life.

When it comes to seeking holistic health as a Christian, there are several avenues that one can pursue in order to get started. One such way is by seeking out professional help or counseling in order to address any unresolved issues that may have arisen during your previous employment experience. Additionally, if you suspect you may be dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then it is important to seek testing and treatment options that have been deemed safe for those following the Christian faith.

Another practical step for pursuing holistic health is to focus on upcoming opportunities that may bring joy and fulfillment into your life. Investing time into activities such as writing a book, taking on responsibilities at church related to community groups ministry, working on a follow-up project after Now What? or launching something new related to book recommendations can be incredibly rewarding experiences that will help you foster new relationships while also serving as excellent outlets through which you can express yourself authentically within your faith journey.

At its core, making the most of a New Year means making decisions that support holistic health — both physically and spiritually. When faced with difficult decisions throughout the year — whether personal or professional — remember why you chose this path in the first place: Because Jesus died for us so that we can have abundant lives here on earth (John 10:10). By leaning into His grace and strength each day, you will be empowered to make wise choices towards taking care of all aspects of your being — body, soul, mind & spirit — and living out His best plan for your life!