How to Realign Your Priorities According to God’s Word

Everyone has had the feeling of life spinning out of control or of everything crumbling around them. But in reality, these emotions are frequently caused by our own failure to prioritize according to God. Emptiness, unhappiness, and tiredness can result when we put worldly ideals ahead of what God has commanded us in His word.

But how can we adjust our priorities so that they coincide with what God expects of us? It all begins with determining which activities are currently consuming the majority of your time and energy. What pursuits have been displacing Bible reading and prayer time? Perhaps you’ve been so preoccupied with your job or worldly pursuits that you no longer have time for spiritual practices like going to church or having personal devotions. Or perhaps you’ve allowed other people’s opinions to consume you to the point that you constantly compare your success and achievements to theirs. This is a surefire indication that your priorities may be off-balance.

Once you’ve identified the areas where your attention has been wandering, pray to God to realign it. Ask Him for direction on the adjustments you need to make in order to bring balance back into your life; if we come before Him with an earnest heart, He will undoubtedly answer this petition. Speaking of other people in our lives, don’t forget to ask the individuals who are closest to you for guidance. They may offer you encouragement and support throughout this process.

Begin focusing on three key areas after some thought and prayer, which will serve as the basis for realigning your priorities in accordance with God’s word: your relationship with God, your connections with others, and your everyday life (work/life balance). Ensure that these three activities are a regular part of your life by reading the Bible and praying, spending time with family and friends, getting adequate restorative sleep, eating wholesome foods, and exercising frequently so that they are constantly on your mind as you make decisions.

God wants us to live full lives that are full of pleasure, serenity, and happiness because we are daily doing what is in accordance with His will. To do this, we must first establish healthy boundaries around our lives by being deliberate about our priorities. This will give us greater freedom to exalt Him via our actions and choices.