Relying on God for Justice and Peace

Have you ever been in a circumstance when you thought justice had not been done? If you can’t establish that someone was lying about you, it’s possible that someone else wronged you and got away with it. It can be challenging to find serenity under these circumstances. God, fortunately, offers us a source of hope.

God is the last arbiter, and He has vowed to exact absolute justice in the end and to avenge all wrongs. No of their social standing, riches, or influence, he never forgets or excuses any wrongs or injustices committed against them. Everyone will be held accountable for their deeds on Judgment Day, and no one will be able to avoid receiving the proper punishment.

Additionally, those who put their trust in God enjoy peace through Jesus Christ and are shielded from the horror of the night (Psalm 91:5). (John 16:33). In other words, when we rely on Him during adversity, He will grant us His heavenly power to endure. This does not imply that all wrongdoing goes unpunished indefinitely; rather, it gives us hope that justice will ultimately triumph and wrongdoers will suffer their rightful rewards when the time is right.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that God alone is ultimately responsible for taking revenge, so instead of seeking revenge, we should seek to do good wherever we can (Romans 12:17-21). As the world’s processes are frequently deficient, we cannot expect justice from them; rather, we can have faith in an unimpeachable judge – God Himself – who promises to put everything right in His time.

When faced with injustice, we may feel helpless at times, but by placing our trust in God’s promise of justice and peace through Jesus Christ, we can take solace in the knowledge that everything happens for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Remember that nothing escapes the notice of our omniscient God, who is aware of everything, even what takes place in secret locations, even though the current circumstances don’t seem fair or acceptable (Jeremiah 23:24). Thus, we must preserve confidence in an eternally just judge who is able to usher in true justice at long end rather than pursuing retribution ourselves or growing bitter with hopelessness.