What’s behind Gen Z’s avoidance of cars?

Gen Zers are choosing alternative modes of mobility over automobiles for a variety of reasons. For starters, a lot of young people nowadays are concerned about the environment and believe that driving is a significant cause of pollution and climate change. They are also concerned about the risks associated with auto accidents as well as the rising costs of insurance and vehicles as a result of inflation and supply chain disruptions.

For many Gen Zers, ride-sharing apps, e-bikes, and scooters provide practical alternatives to driving. Also, as more young people use these forms of transportation, the infrastructure in their area will continue to advance, making car-free living even simpler.

It’s interesting how the Millennial experience has parallels to this move away from autos. In the media a decade ago, Millennials were characterized as a generation that didn’t own cars. Carbon emissions may be significantly impacted if Gen Z follows the trend. According to one estimate, up to 25 million metric tons less carbon dioxide would be emitted each year if just 10% of American Millennials converted from driving to taking public transportation.

The final conclusion is that a lot of variables contribute to Gen Z’s dislike of automobiles. We can only hope that as young people continue to set the pace in developing cleaner, more sustainable transportation options, others will be motivated to follow in their footsteps.