Give Thanks to God: Remembering the Example of the One Cleansed Leper

We are all familiar with the account of Jesus curing ten lepers while en route to Jerusalem. All of them were healed by Jesus, but only one went back to thank and praise God. This story serves as a reminder for us to stop each day and think about all the benefits we have in our lives, from the major ones like our spouse, home, work, and automobile to the minor ones like our freedom of religion and our right to vote. It can be too easy for us to forget about these moments of thanks and thankfulness – until we lose everything due to a natural disaster or some other tragedy.

Any Christian’s spiritual journey must include gratitude. In Jesus’ parable of the ungrateful servant, who was much pardoned but forgot his obligation altogether when someone else asked him for a loan, we see it in action (Luke 7:41-47). Christians should continually keep in mind that redemption comes via Christ’s sacrifice and express their appreciation by daily acts of faith and prayer. Ingratitude is a serious sin. We may all follow the lead set by the one healed leper, always remembering to give thanks to God for all of His numerous favors.

Whatever the circumstances you are now dealing with, there is always something you have been given to which you should give thanks to God. Take a step back and deliberately concentrate on being thankful for even one thing that has been granted in your life if you find yourself feeling overburdened by life’s obstacles. This might be anything from your health to your support network to just having food on the table every day. We may reset our brains so that we can begin each morning with a new perspective by letting go of negativity and instead beginning each day with an attitude of thankfulness.

The moral of this story is simple: No matter how much we may feel that God has blessed us with, when we reciprocate His gratitude with an open heart, He will reward us even more in return! Taking the time each day to express our gratitude contributes to the positive energy that furthers our lives’ tranquility and, in turn, gives us more opportunity to develop spiritually as we walk with Him. So let’s take a closer look at this incident and keep in mind what we may take away from it: To take time each day “to number [our] benefits,” to be like the one healed leper who humbly returned and gave God the honor (Psalm 103:2).