Back-to-School Message for Conservative Christian Parents: Protecting Children From Predators

As the back-to-school season begins, children and teens all over the country are excitedly stepping onto their new campuses, ready to learn and grow. However, this exciting time can also be a time of vulnerability for our kids. From predators who lurk online to those who use grooming tactics in person, our children are at risk. As conservative Christian parents, it is our duty to protect our children from these dangers.

One common tactic used by predators is grooming. By showering children with gifts, compliments, and secrets, these predators can isolate their victims emotionally and physically. Parents should educate their children about these warning signs and behaviors so that they can recognize when they are being groomed.

Another threat is online predators. With over half a million active predators online every day, it is easier than ever for them to target children. As conservative Christian parents, we should encourage safe digital habits by teaching our children how to block unfamiliar accounts, avoid sharing location services, and respond when someone asks for nude images.

Establishing rules and boundaries is another way to safeguard our children. Parental controls can be used to monitor what our children are exposed to online, and setting curfews can help ensure they are safe while out with friends.

The truth is, human trafficking is a very real threat, and anyone could become a victim at any time. By staying involved in our children’s lives, paying attention to who they talk with online and who they hang around with inside and outside of the classroom, and educating them about the dangers that exist around them, we can help protect them.

As conservative Christian parents, we have a duty to encourage, support, and guide our children so that they can make wise decisions as they experience life. By taking these steps, we can help our children stay safe as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.