Reviving Financial Harmony in Marriage: A Faithful Journey

Entering marriage, we often carry expectations about various aspects of our relationship, including finances. For me, growing up with a father as the sole breadwinner and financial manager, I assumed my husband would handle our finances in a similar manner. However, when I discovered unpaid bills and mounting credit card debt, I realized it was time for a change. Instead of despairing, I decided to take action.

If you’re struggling with financial debt in your marriage, there’s hope. Here are some suggestions that worked for me in turning our finances around:

  1. Let Go of Preconceived Notions I had to let go of the idea that someone else would manage our bills and take charge myself. By creating a specific plan for our paychecks and balancing our expenses, I found hope in the possibility of overcoming our debt with hard work and God’s help.
  2. Take Responsibility I acknowledged my part in our financial situation and stopped spending money we didn’t have. Living within our means was initially uncomfortable, but the long-term peace of mind was worth it.
  3. Seek God’s Help I asked God for extra self-control to use any additional income towards paying off our debt. By leaning on His strength, I resisted the temptation to spend money on short-term pleasures.
  4. Find Extra Work I looked for opportunities to earn additional income, whether through writing jobs or part-time work. In every profession, there are ways to make extra money to help tackle debt.
  5. Create Incentives I set up small rewards for myself to stay motivated when it felt like our debt was insurmountable. These incentives kept me focused on the end goal and allowed me to enjoy small victories along the way.
  6. Tithe Correctly I made sure we were tithing appropriately, giving back to our local church and charities. We continued to give ten percent of our income even when it seemed difficult, and God blessed us in unexpected ways.

Remember that everything is possible with God. If you’re struggling with financial freedom, seek guidance from a friend or mentor at church, or consider joining a financial planning course like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. Create a budget, build up your savings, and avoid unnecessary purchases to make room for unexpected expenses.

Striking a balance between different attitudes towards money in a marriage can be challenging, but if you work together to save and give to others, you can pave the way for God to transform your finances and strengthen your relationship.