Rediscovering 4 Lesser-Known Miracles of Jesus

Jesus’ life on earth was filled with miraculous moments, many of which are well-known and often discussed. However, there are lesser-known miracles that are equally significant and can teach us important lessons about faith, love, and Jesus’ divine nature. Let’s explore four of these overlooked miracles and the powerful messages they convey.

Restoring the Shriveled Hand (Matthew 12:9-14)

This lesser-known miracle tells the story of Jesus healing a man with a shriveled hand. Although it may not seem as impressive as raising the dead or walking on water, this miracle demonstrates Jesus’ unparalleled healing power. The story also serves as a lesson on the importance of doing good on the Sabbath, emphasizing the value of love and compassion over strict adherence to rules.

The Healing Touch for the Woman with Hemorrhage (Luke 8:43-48)

The story of Jesus healing a woman with a bleeding disorder is often glossed over due to its sensitive subject matter. Nonetheless, this miracle reveals Jesus’ appreciation for our faith in Him. The woman’s faith made her well, teaching us to trust Jesus and live in accordance with that faith, no matter how challenging or taboo our circumstances may be.

Giving Sight to the Man Born Blind (John 9:1-38)

The healing of the man born blind is another overlooked miracle that holds great significance. Jesus uses this opportunity to dispel the belief that illness is a punishment for sin, explaining that man’s blindness was meant to reveal God’s glory. This miracle serves as a powerful testament to Jesus’ divinity and His love for His people.

Feeding the Multitude of Four Thousand (Matthew 15:32-39)

While the feeding of the five thousand is often celebrated, the feeding of the four thousand is less frequently discussed. Despite the smaller number, this miracle is equally important as it demonstrates Jesus’ divine power to provide for His followers. This story also highlights Jesus’ concern for all people, regardless of their socio-economic status.

These lesser-known miracles hold valuable lessons for Christians seeking to deepen their faith and understanding of Jesus’ ministry. By studying these miracles, we can better appreciate Jesus’ divinity, love, and compassion for all people.