Embracing the Mystery: Finding Comfort in Asking God Questions

Reflecting on an interview with the late Billy Graham, one can’t help but ponder the questions he would have asked the Great Creator. Delving deeper into this topic, one might wonder how Graham became comfortable with asking God questions in the first place. This is an essential aspect of the Christian life that is often overlooked.

Many Christians grow up immersed in their faith, surrounded by religious traditions and practices. They participate in church activities, serve in various ministries, and raise their children in the same faith. Throughout their lives, questions about God may linger just below the surface, yet they may not feel they have permission to ask these questions.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does evil exist in this world? Why don’t prayers always receive answers? For many believers, asking these questions seems impossible, even when they cause sleepless nights and emotional turmoil.

Over time, these questions can accumulate, often going unaddressed. The Bible itself contains 3,294 questions, with 51 of them in the Psalms alone. These questions come from people who approached God and from God Himself. The presence of these questions in Scripture should provide us with the reassurance that we, too, have permission to ask.

Ironically, it is the mystery of God that brings peace to many believers. Finding solace in a new denomination or tradition can create a sense of belonging and comfort. In these new spaces, the ancient prayers and rituals provide support, allowing for a safe environment to express doubts and ask difficult questions.

The mystery of God, as Graham alluded to in his interview, invites us to contemplate and appreciate the unknown. It reassures us that there is no need to be afraid. We have the permission to ask God any question, big or small, that weighs on our minds. The experiences of countless Christians before us encourage us to approach and accept the mystery that lies before us – our life in Christ.

As we navigate our faith journeys, we can find solace in knowing that we are not alone in our questions. Embracing the mystery of God and the permission to ask questions can bring us closer to understanding our lives in Christ and prepare us for the day when we might present our inquiries at the pearly gates.