4 Delightful Gestures to Uplift Your Spouse’s Spirit

Here are four delightful gestures guaranteed to uplift your spouse’s spirit and deepen your bond.

Plan a Surprise Feast

Why not create an unexpected delight by arranging a surprise dinner for your spouse? For the gentlemen, this might entail preparing one of her cherished meals at home or treating her to her favorite restaurant. Similarly, ladies can make his favorite meal or suggest a dinner date. It’s refreshing to indulge together as a couple, at least once a month. After all, life is too short for constant penny-pinching.

Lend a Hand with a Chore

Embracing household tasks can be a simple yet potent act of love. Tasks at home don’t always need to be strictly divided. Perhaps she prefers handling the laundry, while you can take care of the dishes, manage the litter box, or vacuum the living room. My wife once swept our garage without a word – a kind act that genuinely touched me. In response, I seek out tasks that might be physically taxing for her and complete them quietly. Love is an action word – it’s more about what you do than what you say.

Gifts of Affection

Unexpected presents can be incredibly heartwarming. Nothing beats the joy of a “just because” gift, like a bouquet of flowers on a regular day. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, because it’s the thought that counts. Your spouse will appreciate the fact that you were thinking of them – that’s a precious gift in itself.

Love Notes

Consider leaving heartfelt notes for your spouse when one of you is away. These notes can serve as gentle reminders of your whereabouts and your expected return time. You’d be surprised how much your spouse values this simple gesture of consideration. You can also slip notes of appreciation into unexpected places like their purse or wallet, under their pillow, or even next to their toothbrush. The message doesn’t need to be lengthy, a simple, “Have I mentioned recently how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate all you do? I need you, and I love you,” can go a long way in lifting your spouse’s spirit.


God has blessed many of us with godly, serving partners. Yet, there are times when we may unintentionally take our spouses for granted. For those moments, expressing regret and asking for forgiveness can be healing. The five most healing words you could ever utter to your spouse are “I’m sorry” and “Please forgive me.” These phrases have the power to mend hearts and uplift spirits, an aim that should be at the core of every Christian marital bond.