Every Redemption Tale: An Unfolding Miracle

The Power of Transformation: Witnessed and Cherished Among the many blessings of my pastoral duties, one stands out distinctly: the privilege of witnessing God’s transformative work in individuals’ lives. It’s nothing short of miraculous. I’ve seen God’s healing power breathe life into people who were cast off by medical science. I’ve witnessed husbands, initially resistant to the gospel, turn a new leaf and embrace a Christ-centered life. I’ve watched as people, previously ensnared by sin and addiction, were freed and reshaped through divine intervention. These stories reaffirm the active presence of God in our world.

Your Story, Your Miracle Now, consider your own journey. How has God manifested His power in your life? When I ask this of those preparing for baptism, I often sense hesitation from those with ‘ordinary’ narratives. Let us dispel this hesitation, for every story of faith, every journey to Christ is extraordinary in its own right.

We are all born into different circumstances, some of us into ‘good’ homes, some raised with moral fortitude, yet none of us are free from the stain of sin. As Romans reminds us, “No one is righteous, no not one.” We all stumble, we all falter, and in these moments of falling short, we find God’s redemptive love. Therefore, each of us possesses a captivating tale of God’s revelation and our acceptance of His grace.

Celebrate Your Ordinary Extraordinary Journey Do not shy away from the perceived ‘ordinariness’ of your story. Rather, rejoice in your transformation: once a sinner destined for hell, you were rescued by the divine love of God. Embrace this new life, filled with His Holy Spirit, as you become an instrument of His glory. This journey, however seemingly ordinary, is nothing short of amazing.

Consider the man in Mark 5:19, who shared his transformative encounter with Jesus. The scripture in Mark 4:20 tells us that the people were “amazed” upon hearing his testimony. The allure of a changed life, the fascination of transformation, transcends time and culture.

Praise God, the ultimate transformer of lives. I bear witness to His transformative power in my own life and strive to live in devotion to Him every single day. He is in the business of changing lives, still today, and that, my friends, is nothing short of amazing. Each of us, each of our stories, is an unfolding miracle.