Sailing into the Sunlight: Unmasking Doubt and Embracing God’s Glory

Imagine the winter sun. Occasionally, it breaks through the dense cloud cover, gracing the earth with a spectacular, albeit brief, show of light. But, more often than not, the days are overcast, the sunshine hidden behind a veil of uncertainty. And occasionally, the world darkens for an extended period, and one’s heart trudges beneath the oppressive shroud of doubt.

These are the circumstances many Christians find themselves in—confident in their faith one moment, questioning it the next. On the surface, they seem to be deeply rooted in their faith, but they often grapple with doubt. Even when they engage in religious activities—reading the Bible, praying, attending church—they can’t shake off the nagging feeling of uncertainty about their relationship with Christ.

How does certainty seep into the soul of someone prone to questioning? The Holy Spirit guides us to recognize the fruits of faith and raises our gaze above our worries to reveal God’s unchanging essence. Surprisingly, one of the qualities that bolsters our faith is God’s unwavering commitment to His glory.

At first glance, God’s dedication to His glory might seem intimidating. If God aims to amplify His glory, what hope do we have, as we daily fail to match His glory, often tarnishing His name with our actions? Yet, a thorough study of Scripture reveals a silver thread of hope running through the text – God’s zeal for His name, His glory.

Throughout biblical history, God’s people turned to His mercy and steadfast commitment to His glory during trying times. They sought not only God’s mercy but also His unyielding commitment to His glory. They beseeched Him to save them, restore them, protect them—for the sake of His name!

What is it about God’s name that we might not fully comprehend?

Firstly, in a testament of unimaginable mercy, God has tied His name to His people. By establishing a covenant with them, He has intertwined His glory with their prosperity. Thus, when God blesses His people, He elevates His name. His benevolence towards His people trumpets His worth, showcasing Him as the only living God in a world full of lifeless idols.

God’s name does not shield those who misuse it, those who proclaim “The Lord! The Lord!” to continue sinning without consequence. However, for the humble repentant, God’s name provides refuge and hope. They might be sinful and unworthy, but because God has given them His name, they find mercy, forgiveness, and help for His name’s sake.

Secondly, the saints understood something remarkable about God’s name: it’s not merely a symbol of His greatness but also a testament to His grace. When God proclaimed His name to Moses, He revealed Himself as merciful, gracious, patient, abundant in love, and faithful. He desires not only to display His greatness but also to exalt the glory of His grace. He has glorified His name by showing grace.

In His time, God uplifted His name in an extraordinary way: by raising His Son. When God sent His Son into the world, He gave Him many names, each one reassuring to those wrestling with doubt.

Indeed, some of Jesus’s names reflect His greatness, inspiring awe and reverence. However, many of Jesus’s names speak to His grace. His glory rests on His ability to save, serve, and redeem. As Savior, He saves the utterly lost; as servant, He washes our filthy feet; as redeemer, He sets the captives free.

God’s commitment to His glory does not guarantee an immediate solution to our doubts. But, by shifting our focus from ourselves to Him, we can foster spiritual health. By contemplating God’s grace-filled dedication to His glory, we may understand that God’s glory and our salvation are not at odds but rather intricately connected.

Therefore, strive for holiness, annihilate sin from your life, but also remember to turn your gaze above the clouds, remembering that God created the world not merely for His glory but for the glory of His grace. As a result, God’s zeal for His glory stands behind each believer who relies on Christ. So, as we sail into the sunlight of His glorious grace, let us cast off the anchor of doubt and navigate the seas of faith with unwavering certainty.