The Unfathomable Depths of Divine Love

“I want to know what love is.” This iconic line from a timeless ballad by the band Foreigner is not only a popular tune but also a deep cry from many hearts. It struck a chord with me as I pondered over Galatians 1:15. This verse underlines the awe-inspiring love of God, who “set me apart before I was born” and “called me by His grace.” Understanding this divine love in its full magnitude is a challenge, yet the mere reflection on His infinite affection fills me with wonder.

On a human level, we often love things and people that bring us joy or assist us in some way. We love our family and friends for their unwavering support, even when we are not at our best. We may love a particular sport like golf because it provides a temporary escape from life’s pressures, or enjoy a delectable meal that tantalizes our taste buds. Simply put, our earthly expression of love often hinges on how we stand to gain from the people or things we love. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s an interesting facet of our human perspective.

In stark contrast, the verse in Galatians reveals the bewildering love of God. He chose us, loved us, even before we took our first breath. He knew we would falter, sin, and even prioritize other things or people above Him. Yet, in His boundless love, He still chose to extend His grace to us. Have you paused today to ponder over God’s love? Have you taken a moment to express your gratitude for His unending love and grace?

This verse imbued with divine love, humbles me and turns my thoughts toward the cross. I envision Jesus, His selfless sacrifice, and The boundless love that led Him to die for us.

Perhaps you have managed to love someone or something unconditionally, despite their shortcomings. But if we genuinely examine our hearts, we’ll probably find areas where we fall short. In spite of our mistakes and disobedience, God’s love for us remains constant and unwavering. That dear reader, is the remarkable, unfathomable love of our Heavenly Father.