Anchoring Your Hope in Unshakeable Ground: A Daily Soul Check

Imagine a solitary citrus tree on my desk, its leaves softly descending, each falling leaf whispering an almost inaudible lament. The tree stands as a metaphor for life’s unanticipated twists and turns, a reminder of our role in navigating life’s course and the necessity of grace when life’s circumstances are beyond our control.

Just last week, the snow returned with a vengeance, blanketing budding delphiniums and unfolding roses in its icy grasp. As winter seems to overstay its welcome, one cannot help but wonder, can hope to be snuffed out, buried beneath the cold, just as spring is about to dawn?

On days like these, I find myself reaching out for that timeless Spirit Book, the only living Book that conveys His Word. It lays by the window, a beacon of unwavering hope, even as Emily Dickinson beautifully yet painfully penned, “Hope is the thing with feathers.”

While this line seems to suggest that hope can vanish, like a bird taking flight, leaving us bereft and searching, the reality is quite different. Hope is something you anchor, akin to setting your sails, a direction in which you want to move.

In truth, hope doesn’t have wings to fly away or legs to run off. It won’t desert you or crumble under pressure. You are the master of your hope; its location is determined by where you last chose to place it.

Place your hope in people, and you might find disappointment, for we are all but dust. Entrust your hope in dreams, and they might scatter like ash in the wind. Set your hope on a timeline, and it could morph into a noose that leaves your aspirations hanging.

However, anchor your hope in something unshakeable, and it remains with you, forever unwavering. Hope itself does not decide to leave; it stays where you choose to place it. As 1 Peter 1:13 instructs us, “Set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Perhaps, the most critical question we should pose to our souls daily is: “Where will I anchor my hope today to ensure I do not lose it?”

The importance of this question cannot be overstated. If we start to lose hope, we begin to lose our will to live. Our hope does not depend on circumstances but on Jesus, who completed His work and holds us secure in His embrace.

Despite the harsh winds, creeping darkness, heartaches, and soul-tiring battles, anchoring your hope in Jesus keeps you grounded. Even in times of failure, His grace covers us completely. As we navigate the unknown future, His protective arms hold us close, whispering, “Never fear, all your Hope is right here in Me.”

Anchoring your hope in Jesus keeps it forever close because He never leaves. The surest place to anchor your hopes and expectations is in the hands of the One who will never abandon you, who loves you unconditionally, who carries your name inscribed in His palms, guiding you every step towards Home.

As the citrus tree on my desk continues to shed leaves and my journal fills with earnest prayers and heart cries, my worn Bible remains by the window. While the leaves may wither and life may falter, our hope remains resilient when anchored in Him who always rises.