Discovering Your Inner Fortress: Six Faithful Ways to Harness Spiritual Strength

Do you ever feel like you’re floundering amidst the stormy waves of life’s trials? Do you sometimes yearn for an internal oasis of calm and fortitude? Fear not. The Bible provides six amazing spiritual tools to fortify your spirit and bring you closer to God.

Firstly, consider immersing yourself in the Word of God. Not the hollow meditation often espoused by the world that can inadvertently invite unwholesome influences. Instead, take the Psalmist’s advice (Psalm 119:15) to heart: meditate by reflecting, pondering, and cherishing God’s Word. This is akin to securing your soul with divine locks against unsavory spiritual intruders.

Next, try praying God’s Word back to Him. Remember Psalm 51, a poignant psalm of repentance? Recite these lines to God, embracing the same humbling remorse that David felt. When you plead for mercy and cleansing as expressed in Psalm 51:1-2, you are engaging in profound, scriptural prayer.

In the third place, keep your focus firmly on Jesus. Remember how Peter began sinking when he turned his gaze away from Jesus and let the storm distract him? (Matt 14:30). Just as Jesus reached out to save Peter, He will extend His hand to you when you’re overwhelmed. Concentrating on Jesus is a potent wellspring of spiritual stamina.

Surrendering to God is another impactful strategy. An acquaintance who battled a pornography addiction for years found peace and triumph only after he admitted his powerlessness and surrendered his struggle to God. Remember, victories are won not through our might, but through the divine strength of God.

Fifthly, stock up on Scripture. Like the Psalmist who stored up God’s Word in his heart to avoid sinning (Psalm 119:11), we can fortify our inner selves by committing Scripture to memory. This embeds God’s Word deep within us, providing a readily available reservoir of divine strength.

Finally, place your trust in God. Building on the shaky foundation of self-trust is a recipe for disaster. On the contrary, those who trust in the Lord “will discover good” (Prov 16:20) and be blessed (Jer 17:7). Our trust should be anchored in God’s unchangeable nature, not our fickle feelings.

In conclusion, these six pathways to inner strength – a meditation on God’s Word, praying God’s Word back to Him, maintaining focus on Jesus, surrendering to God, memorizing Scripture, and trusting in God – is like the fortified walls of a spiritual castle, providing strength, peace, and sanctity for your soul. These tools, rooted in the Word of God and trust in the God of the Word, can offer an irreplaceable refuge in the tumultuous seas of life.