A Mother’s Guide to Shaping Men of Faith

When you take a closer look at the revered Proverbs 31, an unexpected revelation awaits you. The chapter isn’t merely a commendable portrait of an exemplary wife; it equally pays tribute to the profound influence of a pious mother on her son. The opening of Proverbs 31 recounts King Lemuel reciting a wise counsel, a precious inheritance from his mother (Proverbs 31:1).

The influence of a mother is powerful, molding her son’s character, informing his actions, and playing a significant role in his journey to manhood. This isn’t a calling to simply teach him practical life skills or safety tips, valuable as they might be. Rather, it’s about guiding him on a path of wisdom, justice, love, and morality – the path of a godly man.

King Lemuel’s mother, for instance, imparted two essential life lessons to him: how to resist temptations that could undermine his reign, and how to recognize and appreciate a virtuous wife. Thus, she did more than just raise a son; she prepared a future leader and nurtured a discerning heart.

As mothers, our primary role isn’t to overprotect or smother our sons but to equip them to face life’s realities. We are called to instruct them on distinguishing right from wrong, true from false, and good from best. We are to help them discern the character of a godly woman from those with ill intentions. By doing this, we effectively guide our sons in their journey to manhood, preparing them for their future roles as heads of households and possibly leaders in their chosen fields.

In a world awash with diverse temptations and misguided beliefs, our sons need our wisdom more than ever. They need our guidance to navigate their way around the pervasive LGBTQ+ ideology, the dangers of unrestricted use of technology, and other morally corrosive influences. Without the cautions and the fervent prayers of their god-fearing mothers, they risk falling prey to the lurid allure of the internet’s darker corners.

A Christian home serves as a haven for our sons, reflecting God’s ways, His forgiveness, and His friendship. We, as mothers, need to mirror the strength and dignity of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31, who clothes herself with kindness and wisdom, who carefully tends to her household, and who rejects laziness (Proverbs 31:25–27).

Remember, our homes are a reflection of us, our spirituality, our maturity, and our alignment with God’s purpose. The atmosphere we create either offers a nurturing environment or fosters tension and idleness. As mothers, we can either showcase our faith through strength and confidence or resort to anxiety-ridden people-pleasing and petty squabbles.

The role of mothers in a son’s journey from adolescence to godly manhood cannot be overstated. Though our maturing sons may no longer need our constant care, they still require our wisdom, guidance, and prayers. They don’t need us to control or smother them; they need us to guide them on how to resist worldly temptations, understand true justice, and choose a good spouse.

Our sons need their godly mothers to instruct them repeatedly on how to be righteous men and to show them the infectious joy that comes from fearing the Lord. So, as we shape our sons into the men they will become, let’s remember that our role isn’t to coddle or pity them, but to guide and inspire them in their journey to godly manhood.