Mirror of the Master: Embracing our Inner Creator

Have you ever uttered the phrase, “I’m not creative”? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a sentiment that many of us have expressed at one point or another. But this perception belies a profound reality: we are created in the image of the ultimate Creator, God Himself.

God, the divine artist, has skillfully sculpted planets and lit up the cosmos with a multitude of stars. His brushstrokes adorn our world with flowers of every color and tone, painting the earth’s canvas with a spectrum of hues. His masterpieces are not confined to grand landscapes but extend to each of us, for we all bear His likeness. This realization is key to awakening the dormant creative spirit within us.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity isn’t limited to professional artists or those with exceptional talents in singing, writing, acting, woodworking, and so on. Creativity is an innate human attribute, not the sole domain of a privileged few.

With this in mind, we sought insights from a group of regular contributors who dared to step out of their comfort zones and explore new artistic disciplines. The objective? To demystify the notion of the “creative process.” Through their stories, we hope to illuminate the universal truth that each of us is imbued with the ability to create. We all have the potential to partake in God’s joy by utilizing this inherent aspect of our identity.

In each of us lies a spark of God’s creativity. Whether we are crafting a poem, baking a loaf of bread, or even shaping a conversation, we are reflecting our Creator. So, let’s shake off the shackles of self-doubt and unleash our inner artists. We are all creators, echoing our Master’s work.