When Spirits No Longer Lift Your Spirit: A Journey Toward Sobriety and Faith

At the tender age of 20, I found solace and acceptance at the bottom of a glass. I thought alcohol would elevate my social status, make me more appealing, and effectively dissolve the ‘goody two-shoes label I wore. In my mind, it was a vehicle to enhance my value among my peers.

However, a poignant rejection left me bereft of my self-worth. I became indifferent toward my relationship with alcohol, feeling it made no significant difference in my life. This mindset lingered for years. I drank occasionally, responsibly (most of the time), without mulling over its implications. My preferences matured, and I viewed alcohol as a casual and enjoyable part of social gatherings.

I took pride in my responsible consumption until an enlightening episode made me question my arrogance. In a class teeming with brave individuals, I heard heart-wrenching tales of lives ruined by alcohol. My untested belief that alcohol could potentially shatter lives was affirmed by their raw, personal experiences. I suddenly realized my own vulnerability—I was not impervious to the destruction alcohol could wreak. Their haunting narratives echoed in my mind every time I reached for a drink.

Six months ago, my life took a dramatic turn. A spiritual awakening ignited my love for God and an insatiable urge to know Him better. As I penned down my aspirations for the new year, “Know God More” was the unmissable highlight. But a question soon cropped up in my heart—how could I aim for spiritual ascension while indulging in an activity that impaired my senses and possibly my connection with God?

This revelation convicted me, yet it did not immediately dissolve my desire to drink. I still relished the taste of my favorite drinks and enjoyed the lively social settings that accompanied them. Then I stumbled upon Ecclesiastes 10:1, and Matthew Henry’s interpretation of it, which left me more than convicted—I was convinced.

I realized the great responsibility that comes with striving for wisdom and honor, and how easily it can be tarnished by a moment of folly. As a Christian, I am called to tread carefully and abstain from anything that even vaguely resembles evil, considering the high stakes—reputation, respect, and the precious faith of those who look up to me.

This understanding led me to relinquish my habit of drinking. The conviction was rooted in my divine calling and the responsibilities it entailed. It became evident that alcohol consumption and my divine purpose could no longer coexist in my life. My role as a messenger of the Gospel, coupled with the knowledge of alcohol’s destructive capabilities, made it a non-negotiable choice.

God has entrusted each of us with a unique platform, a community, and a mission. Regardless of the size or prominence of our platform, we all encounter individuals who are seeking guidance, healing, and salvation. Each of us must discern what we are willing to risk and relinquish for Christ’s cause.

For me, alcohol could no longer share space with the love of Christ in my life. I firmly state that I do not deem drinking a sin, nor do I expect every Christian to arrive at the same decision I did. However, I strongly encourage everyone to reflect on their lives, recognize the responsibilities we bear, and commit to using our God-given gifts and callings to touch the lives He has entrusted to us.