Do Your Treasures Reflect Your Heart?

A poignant statement from our Savior, Jesus Christ, tells us, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21). It compels us to reflect – What do others perceive we hold dear? Is it our job? Or our family, perhaps? Or could it be something else entirely? Yet, when we scrutinize earthly treasures, can any truly rival the value of the Spirit of God within us?

Nothing compares to our ultimate treasure, Jesus Christ, who selflessly sacrificed Himself for us, even though He was without fault. Can we measure the worth of our souls, our eternal destination, in worldly riches? Can any human ever put a price tag on their faith and salvation? The limitless richness of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 8:9) surpasses all. It reminds us that the place we store our treasures is also the dwelling of our hearts (Luke 12:34).

Our True Treasures

In Jesus Christ, we discover an abundance of treasures more precious than any earthly desire. However, it is only discernible to those who have accepted salvation and become one with Him. These treasures include the genuine wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ (Col. 2:3). Attempting to fathom the depth of the riches and knowledge of God is an exercise in futility, as they remain utterly unsearchable (Rom. 11:33).

Imagine finding yourself in a nation where Christianity is met with hostility. In such places, around 60% of the global population resides, equating to nearly 100 million souls. Suppose you were hauled into court. Would there be sufficient evidence to convict you as someone who cherishes their faith and Jesus Christ above all else? Would your neighbors bear witness to your unwavering Christian devotion? If not, it may suggest your love for God isn’t robust enough to risk imprisonment for your faith.

Reflect upon your closest relationships. What would your best friends say you treasure the most? Would they unequivocally recognize it to be God? Would this be the first thing they say about you or me? My earnest prayer is that it would be clear: we treasure Jesus Christ above all else.

Examining Time and Money

They often say time is money. In dissecting this adage, what do you devote most of your time to? Where does the bulk of your income go? Bill Bright observed that Christians invest merely 2.3% of their income in furthering Christ’s work. In contrast, American pet expenditures exceed kingdom investments by over eight times. What does this reveal about our value systems?

Some counselees have expressed how their families exhibit more affection and attention towards their pets than to them. They describe a stark contrast in the warmth of their voice when speaking to pets compared to when addressing them. It begs the question: Do we, knowingly or unknowingly, treat our pets with more love and kindness than our own kin and friends? Do people perceive us to prioritize our pets over God?

Upon surveying people who know us well, would they attest that our weekends, sports, money, jobs, and even pets take precedence over God in our lives? It’s a thought-provoking, even convicting, exercise in self-reflection, isn’t it?