Navigating the Seas of Adulthood: A Christian Guide

Dear reader, you are not alone in your struggle with “adulting”. While the specifics of your struggle may vary, many young adults grapple with similar challenges when transitioning from college to the real world. This shift brings a change in rhythms and routines, creating not only challenges but also opportunities for growth.

Here are some concrete steps to help you establish healthy habits that honor God with your time, money, and relationships in this new stage of life.

Clocking Time

Adjusting to full-time work can be draining, sapping your time, energy, and even emotions. The rhythm of work is unlike that of being a full-time student with clear intervals and next steps. The post-graduation life, however, feels like a never-ending ramp-up of work, with less clearly defined crescendos or cycles.

Thus, establishing intentional habits and practices that form your daily and weekly routines is key. Make your free time valuable – ensure participation in a small group and find opportunities to volunteer or serve. Anchor your week with key moments of the Christian community.

Additionally, weave regular periods of rest into your routine. Although taking a Sabbath may seem like subtracting from the already scarce time, God knows our need for physical, emotional, and spiritual rest. Remember, Sabbath is more than just a break; it is a chance to focus on worship and recalibrate our experience of work. As God led the Israelites to rest as a reminder that they were no longer defined by their work, Sabbath helps us too to embody this truth. Rest pushes us deeper into God’s narrative of who we are.

Managing Money

Just as Sabbath is a way to honor God with our time, tithing is a way to honor Him with our finances. Jesus tells us, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21). When we give away what is scarce, it naturally gains value. Start giving and you will find the motivation follows.

God is generous, and as Malachi promises, when we bring the full tithe into God’s house, He will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings until there is no more need (Mal. 3:10).

Building Community

Strong advice for navigating post-college life is to immerse yourself in a Christian community. Living with fellow believers provides a supportive network for prayer, accountability, and shared experiences. My own post-college journey was significantly enriched by living with fellow Christians, as we together navigated the hurdles of finances and energy management.

The Marks of Adulthood

Successful adulthood isn’t about merely getting by, but about discovering your purpose in life – to glorify God and enjoy Him forever – and living in response to that purpose. It involves serving others with your resources, time, and energy.

The responsibilities of adulthood may be daunting, but they also offer immense joy. Taking responsibility for others helps us remember we belong to Christ, providing ultimate comfort. As we pour out our time and energy in service, our appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice grows, fostering a desire to live for others. Gradually, with nurturing habits, you’ll learn how to faithfully follow Jesus in your adult life.