Forever Dating: The Art of Keeping the Spark Alive in Marriage

You’ve heard the phrase, “Dating never ends” — but what does that mean for married couples? In the whirlwind of modern living, we’ve come to understand the importance of dating as the gateway to any meaningful romance. It’s how we get to know someone, spark a connection, and kindle a love that could last a lifetime. So why should this crucial aspect of romantic relationships cease after saying “I do”?

Imagine marriage as a masterpiece painting representing the profound connection between Christ and His Church. It’s a picture of mutual love and affection. But how can this picture be truly vivid if the artists — husband and wife — rarely spend quality time together? Dating your spouse is not a luxury or an afterthought; it’s a vital element of nurturing a thriving marriage.

Here are some compelling reasons why the dating canvas should never dry in a marriage, no matter how many anniversaries you celebrate:

  1. Time: Our Greatest Treasure

Time is more than just ticking clocks and changing calendars; it’s the stuff life is made of. When you intentionally set aside time to date your spouse amidst a bustling schedule, it’s like saying, “You are my priority, you are worth my life.”

  1. Invest in Love

We invest in the things we value — our homes, our health, our hobbies. Why should our marriages be any different? Sure, dates may occasionally strain the wallet, especially when babysitters enter the picture. But investing in your relationship financially and emotionally will yield priceless dividends of deep connection and mutual appreciation.

  1. The Ripple Effect

Neglecting your spouse’s need for dedicated time together may subtly erode the foundation of your family dynamics. Children, in particular, crave the assurance that their parents are in love, which brings peace and stability to their world. Date nights foster an environment where love flourishes, demonstrating to children the beauty of a committed and joyful relationship.

So how can we make these dates truly impactful?

  1. Connect with Purpose

It’s not about being entertained, but rather about sharing experiences and meaningful conversations. Use this opportunity to dive into each other’s thoughts, dreams, and fears. Consider conversation starters or shared readings to ignite dialogue that might not come up during the typical daily routine.

  1. Consistency Over Complexity

Having a regular date night is a commitment to your relationship. But to make it sustainable, simplicity is key. Grabbing a coffee or having dinner at your go-to spot can be just as meaningful as an extravagant outing. Remember, it’s not about the venue; it’s about the company.

  1. Sometimes, Go Big!

Once in a while, spice things up! Try something new that will allow you to see your spouse in a different light. An art class, a rock climbing adventure, or a fancy dinner can inject some extra excitement into your routine.

No matter how you choose to date your spouse, the bottom line is: make it happen. The journey of marriage should not be a comfort zone where we stop trying to woo each other. Instead, consider it an open field where love continuously blooms, nurtured by the waters of intention, investment, and consistent efforts to keep the spark alive.