Harnessing Your Twenties: 20 Life-Altering Choices to Live Your Best Decade Yet

Welcome to the journey we call the twenties. This unique decade of life is filled with a range of challenges and opportunities, questions and uncertainties, growth and self-discovery. As mentors and spiritual guides, we often get asked: “What’s the most essential piece of advice you can offer?” It’s quite a loaded question, but we’re here to share our collective wisdom in an accessible, enlightening way.

  1. Sift through Your Core Values Your beliefs act as the compass guiding your life. The essential values you hold about God, man, truth, and reality profoundly affect every choice you make. It’s essential to take time to introspect, reassess, and solidify these convictions, as they’ll be your beacon amidst the storms of life.
  2. Adopt a Learner’s Mindset Identify someone who embodies the spiritual and moral values you aspire to – it could be a parent, pastor, teacher, or spiritual guide. Allow their wisdom to soak into you, learn from their experiences, and allow their influence to mold you into a better version of yourself.
  3. Navigate Through Waves of Doubt When doubt starts chipping away at your faith, resist the urge to run. Instead, voice your worries, ask hard questions, and seek the truth. When you grasp it, hold tight.
  4. Select Your Tribe with Care Friends significantly influence your life trajectory. Surround yourself with those who encourage growth and positivity. They are precious gems worth cherishing and investing in.
  5. Prioritize Self-Nourishment The health of your soul significantly affects your perspective on life. Identify what nurtures your spirit – it could be anything from a group Bible study, worship song, a creative project, or even a run.
  6. Cultivate Positive Habits Remember, how you spend each day accumulates into how you live your life. Develop beneficial habits today and watch them mold you into the person you aspire to be.
  7. Master the Art of Rest Avoid equating business with self-worth. Incessant work is not an indicator of your value. Learn to rest, recharge and renew yourself.
  8. Cultivate Patience In an era of instant gratification, patience is a virtue that is quickly fading. However, understand that divine timing is perfect and meticulous, designed for His glory.
  9. Drop the Weight of Worry Worry adds unnecessary stress and does nothing to change the future. Rather than worry, focus on making sound decisions in the present moment.
  10. Refine Your Expectations Managing your expectations helps to reduce frustrations and disappointments. Understand that control lies in your own reactions and mindset, not in external circumstances or people.
  11. Embrace Risks When God calls, follow His lead with bold faith, leaving the results in His capable hands. Remember, regret often lies in what you didn’t do rather than what you did.
  12. Assess Your Emotions Emotions can be misleading. Learn to respond based on truths rather than the transient and often deceptive pull of emotions.
  13. Embrace Pain In life, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. When you encounter pain, let it refine and purify you, knowing that God is with you in the fire, not punishing, but purifying you.
  14. Take Sin Seriously Although grace abounds, remember the repercussions of sin seep deeper than the surface. The fallout often extends beyond what you can initially see.
  15. Let Grace Overflow Embrace grace for yourself and freely give it to others. Swap cynicism and judgment for grace, becoming a vessel of His divine love.
  16. Pursue Healing The scars of the past can resurface unexpectedly, causing turbulence in your present. Don’t shy away from seeking help or counseling if it brings healing.
  17. Live in Love Begin each day by reflecting on the fact that the Creator’s love for you is boundless, passionate, and everlasting. This is the most pivotal truth of life.
  18. Adopt an Eternal Outlook An eternal perspective brings indescribable joy and hope. Set your eyes on the eternal, the unspoiled, the everlasting.
  19. Aim for God’s Glory Whether in your personal or professional life, make God’s glory your ultimate goal. Understanding that everything is in service of His glory eases the pressure and stress of outcomes.
  20. Expect the Extraordinary Whether your life follows your plan or takes unexpected turns, remember that God delights in surprising you. He’s the architect of wonders, so prepare to be amazed!

Remember, your twenties are a season of discovery, growth, and transformation. These tips aim to help you navigate this exciting decade, but the beauty lies in your personal journey, unique experiences, and the growth that follows. Embrace the adventure and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!