Embrace the Unconventional: Unleashing Unwavering Kindness

Life often tosses us unexpected challenges, like unexpected balls thrown at a novice catcher. We might not have chosen these trials, and often, we can’t prevent them. But there’s solace in knowing that we have the power to determine our response and our subsequent path.

Here’s a comforting notion: persistence often trumps educational degrees, raw talent, and even intellect, as the former U.S. President, Calvin Coolidge, once pointed out. So, if you ever feel short on any of these, remember – success begins with showing up. Displaying a dependable presence, whether at work or in personal relationships, puts you already halfway on the journey toward achievement.

Yet, persistence shouldn’t lead us to become something we’re not. Trying to be a synchronized swimmer when you can’t stand being in the pool is futile. We must focus our efforts and time on honing our unique abilities and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Reflect on your current standing and your desired destination. The process of narrowing down your focus to specific steps towards continual self-improvement can enlighten your path, even if the journey seems cryptic.

Take, for instance, Apple’s foray into creating a cellular phone. Many, including me, were baffled about merging a phone with a camera – it seemed unnecessary. But the company’s persistent drive towards continuous improvement ushered us into a future that was hard to fathom then. They didn’t wait for a perfect product; they released, improved, and updated, relentlessly.

The question for you is, what does your next version look like? How about the one after that, or several years from now? Note down your ideas, even if they seem far-fetched. Your starting point doesn’t matter – your destination does. Even if your vision is hazy, your imagination and time are your allies.

Remember, persistence isn’t about rushing from one point to another. It’s a dance between grit and patience, understanding that constant evolution requires endurance. It’s about acknowledging that the people you admire for where they stand today also tread the path of persistence to get there. Pray for the wisdom to discern your next significant stride in your journey.

Every individual is like an iPhone, bearing the unique label, “Designed by God.” You’re His creation, wired for growth, primed for relentless betterment. Don’t shy away from the idea of improvement. It’s not an admission of insufficiency but an acknowledgment of your potential for continuous growth.

A radical way to unleash this potential is by redefining kindness. Allow yourself and others room for improvement. Shift your perspective, celebrate your uniqueness, dare to dream bigger even when you fail, and find joy in the journey. Living this way might seem irrational, but it is the ultimate embodiment of kindness – to ourselves and others. So, dare to live this unconventional life, radiating unwavering kindness and unstoppable persistence.