Finding Balance in the Fast Lane: A Christ-centered Approach

Ever find yourself repeating phrases like “Always be hustling” or “Hustle until no introduction is necessary”? Our modern culture places so much emphasis on overwork that it’s almost a badge of honor. It’s as if the person who works the hardest, who sacrifices the most, is the one to admire. This mindset has even permeated our Christian circles. Phrases like “Eat. Pray. Hustle” abound, as we aim to emulate Christ in every aspect of our lives, including our work.

We read about Jesus, who worked tirelessly, healed the sick, taught multitudes, and walked hundreds of miles, all in the pursuit of spreading the Good News. We’re inspired by His dedication, His focus, and His hustle. We, too, want to be movers and shakers in the world, making our mark just as Jesus did. We’ve been told since birth that we each have a unique purpose to fulfill, and we long to hustle toward it.

And yes, the life Jesus calls us to live is different from anything the world deems “normal.” But if we aim to emulate Jesus truly, here are three ways we can channel our Christian hustle while keeping Christ at the center:

See People as Priorities

Jesus demonstrated a compassionate focus on the individual. Whether it was Zacchaeus in the tree or a lone woman in a crowd, He prioritized individuals over the masses. He showed us that everyone matters. So, when someone demands our attention—be it a late-night phone call from a friend or a desperate email from an acquaintance—we must respond, reminding ourselves of whom we’re ultimately hustling for.

Make Time for Rest

Though Jesus was indeed a hustler, He also recognized the importance of solitude and rest. He made time for personal prayer and fellowship with God. What if we took a cue from Jesus and made rest a priority, not a luxury? If the creator of the universe took a day to rest, why should we feel compelled to hustle seven days a week? Jesus’ life was filled with miracles and teachings, but also with time for friends, celebrations, and solitude. His approach was one of balance and focus, a model we should aim to follow.

Understand Our Role

Despite being the Son of God, Jesus never sought fame or admiration. He didn’t lose sleep over what others were doing or saying about Him. If Jesus were living in today’s social media-crazed world, He’d likely be the one helping others rather than chasing fame and followers. He was more about serving than being popular, about giving rather than being followed, about sharing rather than being shared. Jesus did the work His Father asked of Him, trusting that His disciples, and those who followed, would do their part.

In a world that constantly urges us to hustle, it’s easy to lose sight of Jesus’ example. Yet, He gave us a blueprint of a life that balances work, rest, and service. Rather than being caught up in the rush, let’s consider how we can truly emulate Jesus in our hustle, finding balance in a world that’s always on the move.