Reclaiming Peace: The Divine Art of Rest

In a world that glorifies nonstop achievements, finding moments of stillness can seem almost counter-cultural. Just think of it—by the time I was 20, I was on the brink of graduating, getting married, and having begun refurbishing my first home. The world often tells us, “The more you achieve, the better you are.” And for many years, I bought into that narrative.

A decade on, I had four wonderful kids, another home renovation in the works, was leading a burgeoning church, and had my graduate degree within sight. Yes, the achievement was my second nature. But amidst the whirlwind, I was inches away from my own collapse.

The incessant demands, the sleepless nights with a restless infant, church responsibilities, home duties, and academic pressures—it all converged into a tidal wave. Overwhelming, depression and even darker thoughts took over, all by-products of not allowing myself a moment to breathe, reflect, and rest in the loving embrace of God.

We find ourselves in an age where our pockets buzzing with notifications, world news, the persistent hum of social media pressures, and the constant race to showcase our ‘perfect lives.’ Ironically, in an age of unparalleled connection, we’ve never felt more isolated.

As Christians, our plate often seems even more full. Our divine call—to share the Gospel, aid the less fortunate, and disciple others—adds layers to our already packed schedules. In such times, how can we find solace? How do we discover the oasis of rest amidst the desert of busyness?

This incessant hustle often comes at the cost of our relationships. Personal confessions? I’ve often bypassed bedtime stories for meetings and chosen my phone over precious family moments. There’s a danger in this constant rush—it distances us from the very people we cherish.

Yet, during my most challenging moments, I found solace in a powerful message from the Bible. It whispered, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28-30). This call for divine rest, this Sabbath, was my beacon during those stormy times.

You might think, “Rest? In my packed schedule? Impossible!” I’ve heard these concerns, felt them even. But embracing the ways of Jesus means following the footsteps of one who, despite His monumental achievements, always found time for restful peace. He invites us to this peace.

Although I still have dreams and goals, I’m slowly unlearning the toxic hustle and embracing the healing power of rest. If a perpetual achiever like me can learn this divine art of rest, so can you. Let’s journey together towards reclaiming the peace that surpasses all understanding.