Beyond the Desk: Finding Your Identity in God, Not Your Job

In a world where the first question we often encounter is, “What do you do?”, it’s easy to feel like our worth is wrapped up in our job titles. But as believers, we are reminded that our worth is not in what we do from 9-to-5 to, but in Whose we are.

Have you ever felt restless, believing that your job doesn’t truly reflect who you are or your God-given purpose? Perhaps, like many, you’ve jumped from one job to the next, hoping the new role would give you a sense of value. But what happens when that job, that title, or that security is taken away?

Last year, after facing an unexpected job loss, I wrestled with this very challenge. The weight of my identity, once so tightly tethered to my job, seemed to crumble. Conversations became difficult, with my mind echoing, “I don’t have a job. What worth do I bring to this day?”

But in those quiet moments, a profound truth began to dawn: our jobs, as significant as they might be, do not dictate our true identities. As children of God, our primary identity rests in Him. Our occupations may change, and titles may come and go, but our position as beloved child of God remains steadfast.

Romans 12:6 reminds us, “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” These gifts aren’t exclusive to our professional lives. They span across our personal passions, hobbies, and callings.

When faced with joblessness, instead of defining my worth by the employment I lacked, I began to lean into my gifts and passions. And perhaps you can relate. Maybe it’s that friend developing a faith-based app, or someone crafting art that uplifts the soul, or building communities centered on prayer and encouragement. Even without monetary gain, they’re pursuing what they feel God has called them to do.

In your journey, remember that it might not always be easy. There might be trials, learning curves, and moments of doubt. But in those times, remember to whom you belong and the gifts He has bestowed upon you.

I once waited for a job title to allow me to embrace my passions like writing or organizing events. Yet, the real revelation came when I understood that I didn’t need permission from a workplace to utilize my God-given talents. So, I began to write with fervor, serve my church community, and assist friends with their projects.

In conclusion, while we spend a significant portion of our lives at work, our true identity is not just about the hours logged in an office. It’s about our relationship with Christ, our passions, our families, and the unique ways God has crafted us. So next time someone asks, “What do you do?”, perhaps it’s time to think beyond the desk and into the heart of what God has called you to be.