Discerning God’s Call: Merging Passion, Gifts, and Service

In the wisdom-laden words of British novelist, Dorothy Sayers, work isn’t simply about earning a living, but it’s the very essence of living itself. It serves as a canvas where we paint our talents, find holistic satisfaction, and extend our offerings to the Almighty.

However, our contemporary society frequently nudges us towards self-serving career queries: What job will get me admiration? Which one will amass wealth fastest? Where can I have the most liberty?

Such reflections often divert our spirits toward entrepreneurial ventures, associating them with wealth, freedom, and societal respect. But as believers, isn’t our identity already crafted in the image of the Creator? As God’s beloved children, shouldn’t our professions manifest our divine identity rather than shape it?

Entrepreneurship is captivating, indeed, but attraction isn’t the same as a spiritual summons. To truly recognize our life’s vocation, we must shift our inquiries from self-promotion to service—seeking not just how to magnify our image, but more importantly, how to amplify God’s love to others.

In my research, highlighted in “Called to Create,” Christian innovators from esteemed institutions like TOMS Shoes, Charity: Water, and In-N-Out Burger shared invaluable insights. Their narratives revealed three pivotal questions when discerning God’s direction:

1. What ignites my spirit?

The Bible recounts that God’s act of creation was a labor of love, springing from joy rather than necessity. As creations molded in His image, our deepest passions often provide hints to our God-ordained purposes. Is there a yearning in your heart to establish a charity, write an influential book, or share art with the world? Recognize these desires, but also understand that passion alone isn’t enough.

2. What talents has the Lord blessed me with?

Paul, in his epistle to the Romans, urged believers to harness their diverse gifts bestowed by God’s grace. Our passions should ideally intersect with our God-given talents. Think of the passionate singer whose voice isn’t quite in tune. While her enthusiasm is commendable, her talents might be better used elsewhere for the Kingdom’s glory. To genuinely reflect the divine and serve others, we should merge our heartfelt passions with our heavenly talents.

3. Where can I best extend love and service?

Having pinpointed your zeal and talents, be vigilant to the avenues God opens for you to serve others. The Parable of the Talents underscores the value of utilizing our gifts to further the Kingdom’s purpose. If you’re passionate and proficient, and God opens doors for you to bless others, take it as your divine mandate to proceed.

In conclusion, remember that your calling isn’t just about identifying what you’re good at or what brings you joy. It’s about blending those elements in a symphony of service to others. When we stand before our Master one day, may we all hear the cherished words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”