Discovering the Here and Now: Embracing the Present with Christ

We’ve all heard it, right? The well-meaning words of adults during our adolescence: “Real life hasn’t even started for you.” It almost felt as if the vibrant days of our youth were but a mere prelude to the grand spectacle that was yet to come. With each passing milestone, we often found ourselves thinking, “Surely, there’s more to come.”

These feelings aren’t foreign. Who hasn’t thought, “Maybe when I get married, or perhaps when I finally purchase that dream home, then I’ll have truly begun my journey.” This mindset subtly pushes us into believing our current state is merely a rehearsal, with the grand show awaiting us just around the corner.

Yet, amidst the mundane tasks and the everyday grind, we’ve perhaps overlooked three crucial perspectives:

  1. Today is What We Make of It
    By constantly waiting for tomorrow, we might be inadvertently sending out a message – to ourselves, those around us, and even to God – that today is just not good enough. If we’re always waiting for the “next best thing,” how can we genuinely be thankful for the blessings of the present? True contentment lies in cherishing today.
  2. The ‘Waiting Period’ is a Myth
    A poignant memory comes to mind: living with my parents post-marriage, juggling parenthood, part-time jobs, and school. Initially, it felt like life was on hold. But a profound realization struck – every moment is unique and irreplaceable. It’s crucial to remember that today’s opportunities might not be available tomorrow. Instead of wishing for a “better” tomorrow, embrace the beauty of today.
  3. Life’s Milestones are Not Guarantees
    Imagine defining your life’s worth by a particular career or relationship. What happens if these benchmarks falter? Basing our contentment on changeable factors is a recipe for insecurity. Our joy and fulfillment need to stem from something unwavering.

The core message? As the legendary Elisabeth Elliot aptly put it, “The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.” The real magic happens when we understand that our life’s narrative is not about waiting for perfect moments but finding Christ in every situation.

Jesus’ love offers an adventure-filled life, deeply rooted in profound truths, available right here and now. While it’s only human to plan and dream, it’s equally essential to value the current chapter of our story, knowing that through Christ, every day is a step toward glory.

So, instead of waiting for life to begin, let’s live it fully, right at this moment, with Christ by our side.