Walking by Faith: Trusting God in Life’s Decisions

In life’s myriad challenges, it’s easy to find ourselves seeking concrete answers and clarity above all else. But the reality is, that the best-laid plans often require something less tangible and far more profound: faith.

Seeking Clarity vs. Embracing Trust

John Kavanaugh’s enlightening encounter with Mother Teresa offers an unexpected perspective. While Kavanaugh sought clarity for his life’s purpose from the revered nun, Mother Teresa declined to pray for his clarity. Instead, she highlighted an essential principle: she never had clarity, but always held onto trust. She gently steered Kavanaugh towards trusting in God.

Many of us, like Kavanaugh, yearn for clarity, especially when standing at life’s crossroads. Yet, our heavenly Father often emphasizes faith over clarity. Faith, as stated in Hebrews 11:1, is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. This unshakeable trust is what God seeks from us in every decision – whether it’s serving in our local community or reaching out overseas; whether it’s stepping into matrimony or embracing solitude; whether it’s opening our homes to foster children or deciding when to say no.

Our prayers for clarity should recognize that, even when clarity arrives, it still requires us to trust deeply in God.

Navigating the Maze of Decision-Making

Decision-making isn’t always straightforward. Sure, choosing between steamed veggies and a side salad might be easy. Yet, the more profound choices are not merely about right or wrong; they often rest between good, better, and best. Sometimes, it’s about juggling multiple biblical values, like balancing family responsibilities and ministry commitments.

Paul’s guidance in Romans 12:1–2 doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all decision-making formula. Instead, he highlights a transformative journey. Paul urges believers not to conform to the world but to be renewed through God’s Word. This consistent engagement with scriptures shapes our soul, much like the ocean waves slowly mold the rugged shoreline. Although fleeting moments in God’s Word might seem insignificant, these moments have a cumulative effect in molding our hearts and minds, preparing us to make godly choices.

We’re best equipped to discern God’s will when His Word and values overshadow the world’s influences in our minds.

Our Ultimate Guide to the Journey of Life

In times of perplexity, it’s natural to seek guidance from those who’ve walked the path before us. Whether it’s taking up missionary work or pursuing a particular career, we often look for patterns and pioneers. However, the best compass for our souls remains Christ.

Christ’s omnipotence reminds us that He already knows the future, even as we grapple with the present. With His infinite wisdom and eternal perspective, He not only stands beside us but has also gone before us, guiding our path as described in Hebrews 12:2.

In the maze of life, while we may not always have a clear map, we are blessed with an impeccable guide. By understanding Christ’s character and His heart for us, we can navigate every decision with unwavering trust and faith. So, when standing at the crossroads of life, remember: it’s not about seeing the entire path, but knowing the heart of the One who leads you.