Walking God’s Path: When Divine Laws Trump Man’s Rules

Navigating the Christian journey means, at times, having to tread paths that challenge societal norms. Here’s a look into four distinct scenarios when following God’s word might require bending some earthly rules.

1. Life’s Sacredness Above All

Picture World War Two – many brave souls hid Jews to protect them. Was it acceptable to twist the truth to safeguard a life during such dire times? The legendary Dr. R.C. Sproul shares wisdom on the essence of truth: “Obligation to truth is vital where justice and righteousness deem it necessary.” In scenarios where a life is on the line, the moral responsibility to preserve it outweighs the duty of absolute truthfulness. Corrie Ten Boom, who shielded Jews during these tumultuous times, held steadfast in her belief that God endorsed her actions.

2. Upholding Work Ethics in God’s Light

An enlightening tale emerges from the workplace. An individual was once torn between obeying a supervisor’s instruction to approve unchecked aircraft parts and maintaining integrity. The dilemma was resolved by the individual voluntarily inspecting the parts on personal time. Why? Because our ultimate allegiance is towards God, making our work a form of worship (Col 2:23-24).

3. Proclaiming the Gospel Fearlessly

The Apostles faced opposition from Jewish authorities who sought to silence Jesus’s teachings. Unyielding, Peter proclaimed, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). Following a brutal beating, the apostles didn’t falter. Instead, they rejoiced, feeling privileged to suffer for Christ’s name. Their commitment was unwavering, putting divine command above societal opposition.

4. Prioritizing God’s Law Over Sharia Law

In Nigeria, when Christians faced death under Sharia Law, many chose God’s commands over man’s. An inspiring incident saw a Muslim official disobey orders to execute a Christian. This act of defiance cost him dearly; he was tortured and jailed. Yet, his encounter with Christianity transformed him, and he eventually sacrificed his life for his newfound faith.

In Closing

Romans 13:1-5 underscores the importance of respecting earthly authorities. However, when human decrees clash with God’s eternal laws, our allegiance must remain unwaveringly with the Almighty, especially in matters of life preservation, upholding personal integrity, evangelizing Christ’s teachings, and defending one’s faith against oppressive religious mandates. Our North Star? Always the infallible Word of God.