Finding Stillness in a Digital World: The Spiritual Blessings of a Social Media Sabbatical

It was a daring leap. A conscious choice to disengage from the relentless hum of social media. But oh, how rich the rewards were!

My first revelation came in the form of dreams reborn. Seated on my porch with my trusty journal, creativity flowed effortlessly. No longer was my inspiration stifled by the endless cycle of comparison or the overshadowing lives of others. There was an undeniable shift, a stirring within my soul.

Liberated from the concern of digital perceptions, I chronicled reflections, giving life to newly sprouting dreams. The bonus? Blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep. Bidding goodbye to pre-sleep social media scrolling, my mind and body found peace. No more midnight glances at the glaring screen.

Next, a thirst for knowledge emerged. Every instance previously squandered on fleeting online posts became an opportunity for enrichment. My bookshelf became my closest ally, while enlightening podcasts and lectures fed my spirit. After years of being overwhelmed by the cacophony of online voices, my soul yearned for substantive growth.

In the age of the digital rush, we’re often caught in a ceaseless sprint—picture after picture, milestone after milestone, only adding to our collective anxiety.

A transformative moment occurred a month into my digital detox. Driving through the mesmerizing hills of Franklin, Tennessee, a captivating sunset caught my eye. Usually, the urge to capture and share such moments was second nature. But that evening, sans my phone, I found myself immersed in the serenity, with no desire to share. A profound realization struck: Why this innate need to share every experience? Whose affirmation am I really seeking?

Through this journey, an underlying belief surfaced: any joy experienced solely for me felt almost selfish. Yet, this hiatus from social media became a beacon, leading to a profound revelation about self-worth. My value wasn’t in fleeting digital approvals but in recognizing the divine blessings all around, like the intimate allure of a setting sun.

The digital age often propels us into an exhausting race. From one post to another, from one achievement to the next, it’s no wonder our souls feel weary.

But there’s a remedy: A pause from the digital whirlwind can be revitalizing. It allows introspection, unveils hidden truths, and opens our hearts to the present moment’s beauty.

For me, this sabbatical wasn’t merely about reducing screen time; it was a spiritual awakening. I invite you to consider it. After all, in the quiet spaces away from the digital clamor, you might just hear God’s whisper.