Riding the Rollercoaster of Faith: Overcoming Insecurity with Divine Wonder

Have you ever felt like you’re on a never-ending rollercoaster of self-doubt, anxiety, and comparison? You know, the kind where you were excited to get on, but now you’re white-knuckling it, just praying to make it through the ride? Believe it or not, this rollercoaster, my friend, is not just about growing up or maturing in a worldly sense. It’s about spiritual growth, and how we let God guide us through our insecurities.

From Christian Bubble to Corporate Whirlwind

Picture this: You’ve lived most of your life in a comforting Christian bubble, and then suddenly, you find yourself launched into a demanding corporate atmosphere—almost like a real-life version of The Devil Wears Prada. Here, it’s not about heavenly treasures but earthly impact, and you’re left clinging to the armrest of insecurity as the rollercoaster of adulting whisks you through unpredictable loops and turns.

Embracing the Mundane With God

It’s incredibly easy to feel lost when life becomes a whirlwind of responsibilities, social expectations, and personal anxieties. Where is God in the coffee-stained mornings, the overstretched workdays, or the lonely walk back to an empty apartment? The beauty is, that He’s right there with you—in the mundane, the monotonous, and even the messy. Whether you’re a recent graduate navigating the corporate maze, a busy mom juggling home and work, or a pastor wrestling with God’s silence, you’re not alone.

Listen to God’s Gentle Whispers

We often expect God to speak in grandiose, awe-inspiring ways. Yet, God prefers the gentle whisper to the clamorous earthquake. He sits patiently, waiting for you to notice Him amid the chaos, beckoning you to find wonder in everyday life. It might not be a magnificent sunset or an architectural marvel that captures your attention, but it could be the simple, radiant beauty in the people around you. Each individual is a masterpiece, a vivid brushstroke on God’s magnificent canvas.

Journaling Your Journey

A friend of mine recently went abroad for ministry work and felt overwhelmingly inadequate. While pondering how to help her, I thought about the power of journaling. Writing down your thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be a transformative exercise. It’s a daily reminder that every breath you take is a part of a grander design. It forces you to shift the conversation in your mind, to steer away from crippling insecurities and towards awe and wonder. And in this dialogue of wonder, insecurity finds no room to speak.

Your Personal Great Commission

The journey towards overcoming insecurity is deeply personal. It requires you to delve into the Word of God and find your own understanding of Jesus’ teachings and commandments. The Great Commission starts within you, reaching to the depths of your soul before stretching out to the ends of the earth.

Unearth the Bravery Within

You see, you never really needed to get on that rollercoaster to find your bravery. It’s always been there, quietly waiting to be discovered. Through God’s grace and the search for divine wonder in everyday life, you can conquer insecurities and find your steadfast place in this sacred narrative. Because with God as the ride operator, even the wildest rollercoasters lead to revelation and growth.