Vision Renewed: Guiding Your Passion Without Losing Your Spark

Once upon a time, my youthful zeal whispered a daring ambition: to reshape the world. With God by my side, what could possibly stand in my way?

Yet, life’s intricate tapestry has taught me pivotal lessons. Certainly, God is our biggest cheerleader, cherishing our dreams like a doting parent. But just like any loving parent, He sometimes says “no” or “wait” to mold us, and not because He revels in our struggles.

Misguidedly, I once believed that every stumble or fall wasn’t a divine intervention but a reflection of my lackluster efforts. Such misconceptions can lead us down the exhausting path of burnout, leaving us disillusioned, and questioning our God-given purpose, especially when our aspirations are clouded by the fog of failure.

For those on the brink of burning out or those who’ve felt its sting, it’s time for a heart and mind reset. Let’s embrace a new perspective with these guiding lights:

  1. Embrace Your Humanity: We often fall into the trap of overestimating our own abilities. The mantra of “I can achieve anything” might be empowering, but it can also blind us to our very human limitations. As Michael Gungor aptly expressed in “The Crowd, the Critic and the Muse”, burnout sneaks in when we dodge our humanity for too long. So, while your vision is grand, remember to grant yourself grace.
  2. Liberate Your Vision from Others’ Expectations: The allure of validation can cage our dreams. While feedback is invaluable, allowing our aspirations to be stifled by the limitations others place upon us can be detrimental. Seek advice, but don’t let others completely sculpt your journey.
  3. Lay Your Trust in the Infinite: Our endeavors, painted with strokes of faith, find their essence in God’s purpose. In my journey, I mistakenly kept God within a restrictive box, not allowing His expansiveness to flow into my dreams. Stunted visions lead to stagnation. But our God is about boundless horizons and endless possibilities. Anchoring your vision in Him ensures it remains vibrant and evolving.

By realigning your vision with God at its center, failure doesn’t weigh you down; instead, it refines you. And as you navigate the myriad paths of your passion, allow Him to steer you. When you trust in His design, you’re not just preserving your spark but letting it shine brighter. So, unfurl your dreams, but anchor them in the One who kindled them.