The Blessings of Three: How ‘Third Wheels’ Enhance Christian Relationships

There’s a familiar feeling many of us have experienced: the anticipation of your best friend finding love and how that might change your bond. It’s a topic often addressed with humor, as many jest about becoming the ‘third wheel.’ But what if being that ‘third wheel’ is a blessing in disguise, both for you and the couple?

One evening, I found myself reminiscing about recent delightful memories—laughter induced by funny stories, an adventurous dive into the Colorado River, and a spirited sprint during a hike. As I reflected, it felt as though I was recounting a date. But the twist? The gentleman leading these activities wasn’t my romantic interest but my best friend’s boyfriend. And yes, she was right there with us.

Throughout years of close friendship with my best friend, forged through deep faith-based discussions and spontaneous laughter, we often wondered how introducing a significant other might alter our dynamic. But when she began a relationship six months ago, an unexpected and delightful revelation dawned upon me: our bond could grow even stronger with an additional friend in our midst.

It leads to a question that might resonate with many: Why do some friendships wane when a new relationship enters the picture, while others flourish even more?

In the Christian journey, relationships aren’t just about companionship; they’re about building God’s kingdom and serving His purpose. By understanding this, we can discern that relationships shouldn’t pull us away from our community but rather strengthen it.

  1. Service to the Greater Good: It’s said that relationships should enhance our ability to serve. If the purpose of our existence is to serve and expand His kingdom, every aspect of our life, including romantic relationships, should amplify this service. When couples seclude themselves, they may be diminishing their capacity to serve the Lord effectively.
  2. The Power of a Diverse Community: The Bible, in 1 Corinthians 12, likens the Church to a body. Every part, whether single or married, young or old, plays a crucial role. By isolating ourselves based on our marital status or life phase, we’re robbing our spiritual body of its vitality.
  3. Reflecting the Gospel: Relationships, especially marriages, are sacred mirrors reflecting the Gospel. The love, understanding, and mutual respect shown within a couple can be a testimony to God’s love for us. But if a couple remains isolated, how can they be a beacon to others?

A litmus test in chemistry tells us about the nature of a solution. Similarly, observing how a couple interacts with the singles in their circle can shed light on the health and depth of their relationship. A relationship that fosters and includes its single friends resonates with a profound understanding of its God-given purpose.

In conclusion, if you’re in a relationship, take a moment to think about the ‘third wheels’ around you. They aren’t just onlookers; they’re part of God’s plan to enrich your journey. By welcoming and valuing them, you not only reflect the Gospel but also cultivate deeper connections, revealing the true purpose of Christian love and companionship.