Laser Tag Lessons: Why God Calls Us Beyond Our Comfort

Have you ever sought comfort in the oddest of places? Strangely enough, I had an enlightening moment during a game of laser tag.

Imagine this: ten of us, divided into two teams, ready to engage in a playful battle. The adrenaline was palpable. And after a 15-minute whirlwind, as we stood before the scoreboard, I felt a surge of anticipation. My team emerged as victors, but as my eyes scanned the individual scores, a sting of reality hit me. There, at the very bottom, was my name. My score was the lowest. I wasn’t just under-performing; I was almost invisible.

In retrospect, I realized I’d spent most of the game in hiding, always seeking the shadows to avoid getting shot at. It felt safe, snug, and risk-free. But that’s precisely where the issue lay: by opting for comfort, I was also opting out of the actual game.

Isn’t that a reflection of our spiritual journeys? So often, we become entangled in a web of ‘don’ts’, focusing solely on self-preservation, that we miss the broader essence of our faith. The world around us aches for love, hope, and a beacon of faith. And yet, many times, we prioritize our comfort over the need to reach out.

But the Gospel is anything but a shield of comfort. It’s an invigorating challenge, urging us to dive deep, embrace the uncomfortable, and actively make a difference. The Gospel doesn’t preach passivity. Instead, it calls for boundless hope, audacious faith, and a drive to engage with those who might be different from us. Isn’t it true that to truly connect and share the Truth, we must first understand and form genuine bonds?

The Gospel’s essence is rooted in limitless encouragement, boundless love, and unwavering authenticity. The final victory is already ours, but it isn’t an invitation to retreat. It’s a call to charge forward, to face the ongoing spiritual battles with courage and determination.

So, as we navigate our spiritual paths, let’s promise ourselves not to be mere bystanders, crouched in the shadows. Instead, let’s embrace the Gospel’s call, rallying a battle cry, and shining our light, even in the darkest of corners.