Living Between the Comings: Finding Meaning in the Here and Now

In the Christian world, there’s a term that might not be familiar to everyone but holds profound meaning: eschatology. It refers to “the study of the last things.” However, for many, eschatology is often associated with intricate theological debates about the end times, rapture, and cryptic symbols from the Book of Revelation. But is that all there is to it?

If you’ve ever delved deep into C.S. Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you’ll remember the painting of a ship that, when looked upon closely, pulled viewers into its oceanic world. The New Testament’s portrayal of the end times similarly refuses to remain a mere concept or theological talking point. Instead, it beckons us to realize that we live in these end times, right here and now.

Our lives unfold in the unique historical frame that scholars have called the “already–not yet.” What does this mean? Simply put: Christ has already come, but He hasn’t yet returned. We find ourselves living between these monumental events, in a phase that carries with it divine significance.

This phase, this hyphen between the comings of Christ, isn’t just a passive waiting room. It’s charged with purpose, direction, and eternal weight. Every moment, every decision, and every interaction has a resonance beyond what we might first perceive.

But, like Peter’s caution in his second letter, many fail to recognize this. They live as though life is simply a sequence of fleeting moments without end, meaning, or divine intervention. The world’s ticking clock becomes their sole metronome, limiting their view of the grander eternal timeline.

This perspective, however, fails to grasp the transformative truth of the Gospel. The reality is that our day-to-day lives, our work, our relationships, and our interactions all fit into God’s grand narrative. Each of our labors, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has a part to play in God’s eternal plan. It serves as a reminder that our endeavors aren’t in vain. Every spreadsheet we create, every meal we prepare, and every hand we shake is woven into the tapestry of God’s design.

And it’s not just our tasks and duties; our relationships too are eternally shaped. Each conversation, each gesture, and each decision can either nudge someone closer to God’s eternal kingdom or further away. As C.S. Lewis poignantly noted, our interactions carry weight because they involve immortal beings, each on a journey toward eternity.

So, what’s the takeaway? As we await Christ’s return, every aspect of our lives becomes an opportunity for worship, service, and kingdom-building. It’s a call to live with purpose, knowing that the “already–not yet” is charged with heavenly significance. We shouldn’t be lulled by the world’s busyness and distractions. Instead, we’re reminded to see the magical, divine thread that runs through every moment.

As Christians, our mission is clear. To not be passive observers, but to actively recognize and engage with the eternal significance embedded in our everyday lives. Every day, in every interaction and task, we’re invited to live for the glory of the one who has come and will come again.