Guided by Faith: 5 Reasons Why “Following Your Heart” Isn’t Always Right

In our modern society, we’re often told to “follow our hearts” as the key to happiness and authenticity. While the sentiment sounds poetic and even liberating, there are essential reasons why, as Christians, we might reconsider this advice. This is especially true when we compare the wisdom of the world to the wisdom of God. Here’s why:

  1. God’s Grandeur vs. Our Limited View We may feel trapped by our own emotions, becoming too introspective and confined by our feelings. Our hearts, though complex and full of depth, can never compare to the vastness and depth of God’s heart. While our emotions may captivate us for a moment, the eternal and infinite nature of God promises boundless possibilities.
  2. The Ever-Changing Nature of the Heart Much like rivers that never remain the same, our hearts and feelings are ever-evolving. Placing too much trust in these fleeting emotions can lead to uncertainty. Instead, leaning on God’s unwavering truth offers a solid foundation that doesn’t shift with the changing tides of our hearts.
  3. The Complex Symphony of Emotions Our hearts aren’t always harmonious; often, they’re filled with conflicting emotions and desires. Rather than being pulled in multiple directions by these feelings, aligning ourselves with God’s clear and unified vision for us ensures we remain grounded.
  4. Recognizing the Deceit of the Heart Scripture teaches us that the heart can be deceitful and may lead us astray. While the world might insist that our hearts are always true, the Bible offers a more cautious perspective, reminding us to guard our hearts and to seek divine guidance above all.
  5. The Danger of Overconfidence As humans, we can often overestimate our abilities or righteousness. We believe we’re always right or better than our peers. This cognitive bias blinds us to our shortcomings. Turning to God’s word, we’re reminded to remain humble and recognize our true nature.

In a world that champions self-expression and autonomy, sometimes the louder call is to be different, to challenge the norm, and to put God before our own desires. Instead of solely relying on our unpredictable hearts, let’s anchor our lives in God’s steadfast love and wisdom.