Ordinary is Awesome: Escaping the Crippling Clutches of Comparison

In the golden age of Christianity, every individual was cherished for their unique worth, a message central to the faith’s emergence. But today, with countless portals into the projected lives of millions through social media and TV, many find themselves ensnared by the toxic cycle of comparison. Just a peek into this abyss reveals:

  • Doubt: With everyone appearing so spectacular, where does my worth lie?
  • Fear: What if I aim for greatness and fall short?
  • Acceptance: Maybe I’m just destined to be ordinary amidst this sea of exceptional individuals.

Let’s journey back to the Bible, a source of inspiration filled with tales of miraculous triumphs and heart-wrenching losses. Remember the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt? Under Moses’ leadership, they witnessed God’s incredible might. From escaping the clutches of Egypt post-plagues to watching the Egyptian army succumb to the Red Sea they just traversed unscathed, God’s power was palpable.

Amidst the desert’s challenges, God’s generosity knew no bounds. Quail flew into their camp for nourishment, and the ground bore manna bread, both seemingly sent from heaven. When thirst beckoned, water sprung from a mere rock, quenching the parched souls en route to the promised land.

Through these acts, God wasn’t just showcasing His might; He was emphasizing the value of His chosen people. Not for their magnificence, but because they were crafted in His image and thus, were loved dearly. Their value didn’t stem from their greatness but from their sheer existence and obedience to Him.

However, upon reaching the edge of the promised land, the Hebrews’ confidence wavered. Reports of mighty inhabitants and formidable cities fueled doubts. Despite recently witnessing God’s omnipotence, the toxic fog of comparison clouded their vision. They suddenly saw themselves as less than others, forgetting their inherent worth in God’s eyes.

It’s crucial to understand that comparison doesn’t just hold us back—it cripples us, pushing us further from our divine purpose. But Jesus, our ultimate healer, offers solace. Known for restoring the sick and the blind, He didn’t aim to make them extraordinary but simply brought them back to their natural state. Once healed, many embraced their ordinary status, joining forces with God’s mission, spreading His word, and upturning societal norms.

History teaches us that significant revolutions aren’t spearheaded by the extraordinary, but rather by the ordinary. Embracing our natural selves, our God-given uniqueness is the path to true contentment and purpose.

For those entrapped by comparison’s relentless cycle, remember there’s an antidote: simply let go of comparison. Embrace your beautiful, ordinary self, for in God’s eyes, that is where true awesomeness lies.