Confronting Racism: A Journey of the Heart

As I strolled through my town over two decades ago, I noticed signs proudly declaring, “Racism not in our town.” It was a powerful visual reminder of the town’s stance against prejudice. But over time, I’ve come to understand a profound truth: while symbols and laws can guide our external actions, they cannot penetrate the depths of the human heart where racism truly dwells.

The crux of racism isn’t just about colors, cultures, or beliefs. It’s about a heart tainted by hatred. And this hatred isn’t selective. When allowed to fester, it doesn’t merely target those of different races or backgrounds; it poisons the entirety of one’s existence, extending to all aspects of life, including oneself and those closest to them.

The answer to such deep-seated hatred isn’t found in external regulations but in a profound internal transformation. And who better to bring about this heart change than Jesus Christ? His sacrifice on the cross wasn’t selective; He gave His life to every individual, including those struggling with prejudice.

So, how should we approach individuals with such biases?

Our interaction should be soaked in God’s wisdom, grace, and boundless love. Reacting to hate with hate only perpetuates the cycle. Instead, as ambassadors of Christ, our duty is to illuminate the love of God in every corner of our lives, from our homes and workplaces to our neighborhoods and beyond.

This doesn’t mean we naively dismiss acts of prejudice or discrimination. Practical wisdom and discernment are essential. We should stand against injustice wherever it rears its head. However, our core understanding remains: the root of racism is a heart issue, and the ultimate remedy is genuine repentance and transformation through Christ.

Let us be beacons of His love, guiding those lost in the shadows of prejudice toward the healing light of redemption.