Tiny Acts, Titanic Blessings: How God Sees Our Smallest Deeds

In our pursuit of nurturing a new generation, a golden thread of wisdom has woven its way through the teachings I impart to my children: “Value the unseen deeds, for in them lies true faithfulness.” It’s an easy feat to persist when our actions are met with applause, accolades, or admiration. But the real testament to our character and conviction is found in those quiet moments when our work goes unnoticed by all except the One above.

Take, for instance, the humble act of giving. While it’s tempting to measure our generosity by the size of the gesture, there’s profound virtue in persisting even when our resources are limited. For in these discreet acts of devotion, God sees our heart and often amplifies our capacity, not just in material means but in the scope of influence and opportunity.

Similarly, in our professional pursuits, positions that may seem insignificant in the world’s eyes are, in fact, arenas of faithfulness in God’s eyes. As we pour our dedication and diligence into these roles, the Lord recognizes our commitment and often elevates us, blessing us with greater responsibilities and, in due course, advancements.

The same principle rings true in our interactions with others. Whether it’s offering kindness to the indifferent or displaying integrity when it goes unnoticed, such actions are not in vain. The Lord watches, and His rewards often far surpass our earthly understanding.

Embracing a life that cherishes these seemingly minor moments creates a domino effect. As we consistently practice faithfulness in the seemingly small, it becomes second nature. So, when God showers us with His favor and abundance, our modus operandi remains unchanged, rooted in faithfulness, regardless of the magnitude of the blessings.

Conversely, if we hoard the little we possess now, thinking that “someday” we’ll be more generous when we have more, we’re merely deluding ourselves. True generosity isn’t conditional on the size of our coffers but on the disposition of our hearts.

We are, by nature, creatures of habit. And it’s essential to recognize that without God’s guidance and grace, it’s easy to overlook the importance of these daily acts of devotion. Yet, with His wisdom, we can embrace the truth: every little thing matters infinitely in His eyes.