Crafting Our Legacy: The Deliberate Choices of Today Shape Our Tomorrow

On a journey through the winding roads toward Colorado Springs, the horizon of my future sprawled out before me, questions danced in my mind. Who will I meet in this new city? Will I find joy in this fresh chapter? How will this move mold the person I am destined to become?

You see, at the age of 19, life had already offered me a taste of its heights and depths. Much like the towering 14ers of my home state, which only grow steeper with time, I had navigated both peaks of elation and valleys of trial. Yet, as I look back, I realize the enormity of life’s iceberg was just beginning to reveal itself beneath the tumultuous waves of youth.

“Who will I become?” This pivotal question often thrusts us into the future, a place brimming with dreams fulfilled and challenges conquered. It’s a seductive illusion where our aspirations are realized, and our lives are as we’ve meticulously planned. But the truth is, we are bound to the present, to the here and now, where our dreams are woven into the fabric of daily decisions and actions.

This pursuit of the future can be a fruitless chase, a pursuit of a phantom that slips through our fingers like grains of sand. We envision a future where we are our best selves, yet we often forget the journey it takes to get there — the sacrifices, the choices, the everyday acts that carve the path toward who we become.

The question of who we will become can distract us with a buffet of dreams, heaping our plates with every ambition and desire. But it neglects the cost, the reality that achieving our deepest longings requires the investment of our most precious resource: time.

Over the years, I’ve been shaped by this question and others like it. Before my 20s, I had ideas about the future but no concrete plan. As I entered my third decade, I yearned to be guided by the Holy Spirit, to discern His voice amidst the cacophony of life. Yet, there were times when the noise drowned out His gentle whispers, leaving me to navigate by my own limited understanding.

Around 20, a worship song captivated me with its simple yet profound declaration: “Where You go, I go; what You say, I say.” It painted a picture of a life in complete harmony with God, emulating Jesus. As a Christian, the goal was clear — to become like Jesus. But it often felt like a passive transformation, an eventual evolution into His likeness.

What I missed was the call to action. The words of Jesus weren’t a passive suggestion; they were a command to take up our crosses now and follow Him. The beautiful poetry of those words demanded active obedience, not just contemplative agreement.

So instead of wondering who I will become, I’ve learned to ask myself, “Who am I becoming by what I am doing?” This question anchors me in the present and compels me to take deliberate steps toward my goals. It’s a compass that guides my daily walk, ensuring my actions align with the trajectory of my heart’s desires.

This past year, these reflections have taken root in my soul, urging me to examine my choices and their influence on my identity. I seek to become a good husband, a diligent worker, a healthy and confident individual. But most importantly, I yearn to leave a legacy that betters those around me and to hear the Lord’s affirmation of a life well-lived.

Each decision I make now — whether to nurture my relationships, excel at work, or maintain my health — steers me either toward these aspirations or away into uncharted waters. Life is unpredictable, yes, but the decisions of today are the building blocks of the legacy we leave behind.

Our single, precious life deserves to be lived with intention and purpose. The question “Who am I becoming by what I am doing?” is not just a reflection; it’s a call to action. It’s a daily reminder to build our sandcastles beyond the reach of fleeting waves, to ensure that when life’s tides rise, we stand firm, our legacy unswayed.