Embracing Your Body: Lessons from My Twenties to Thirties

Reflecting on my twenties, I recall a constant preoccupation with my body’s appearance. Concerns about weight, shape, and size seemed to dominate my thoughts. Every fluctuation in pant size was met with anxiety and a relentless push to conform to an ideal image. It was a decade marked by a struggle to meet societal expectations of beauty.

Now in my thirties, my perspective has shifted. While there are aspects of my body I’d still change, I’ve found a sense of peace. My body has been a steadfast companion through life’s highs and lows—illness, emotional turmoil, the miracle of childbirth, and adventures around the globe. This realization has fostered a profound sense of gratitude.

Lessons Learned About Body Image

1. Your Body’s Purpose Goes Beyond Attraction

In my twenties, I was caught in the belief that my body’s primary purpose was to attract others. This mindset, heavily influenced by societal norms, often led to discontent and unhappiness. I’ve since learned that the true purpose of our bodies is to worship and glorify God. Romans 12:1 speaks of presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, emphasizing worship over worldly attraction.

2. Health Over Numbers

As an athlete, I once saw exercise merely as a tool for weight control. Looking back, I wish I had focused more on long-term health goals like building muscle and maintaining flexibility. Now, I realize the impermanence of our bodies and the importance of taking care of them for a lifetime, rather than obsessing over the scale.

3. Redefining the Role of Sex

Our culture’s obsession with sex often leads to a hyper-sexualized view of the body. In my twenties, this skewed my understanding of sexual relationships. Now, I understand that the true beauty of sex lies in its emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects within the sanctity of marriage.

4. Acknowledging Our Mortality

In my early twenties, I felt invincible, unaware of my body’s limitations. A decade later, the signs of aging are becoming more apparent. This realization is a sobering reminder of our mortality, as mentioned in 2 Corinthians 4:16, where Paul talks about our outer selves wasting away while our inner selves are renewed daily.


The journey from my twenties to my thirties has been one of growth, not just physically, but more importantly, spiritually. Understanding that our bodies are temporary vessels has helped me prioritize the health of my soul and my relationship with God. And while our physical forms may decay, we hold onto the promise of renewed bodies in Christ (Philippians 3:20-21).

In caring for our bodies, let’s maintain a balanced perspective, valuing spiritual growth and the pursuit of God above all else.