Embracing the Struggle: Faith Through Wrestling with God

Witnessing a tragedy, like the loss of an infant, can leave us feeling hollow and shaken. On the surface, we try to maintain normalcy, but deep down, we grapple with profound sadness and confusion. In these moments, the idea that God is orchestrating a greater plan can stir anger instead of comfort. This inner turmoil leads to a crucial, yet often hidden, aspect of faith: the struggle to follow Jesus even when it’s hard to see His purpose.

The Journey of Acknowledging Pain

God doesn’t expect us to live flawlessly. Instead, He invites us into a journey of repentance and reliance. Society might urge us to keep up appearances, but God encourages us to lay our burdens before Him. Admitting that we’re struggling is a step towards embracing our dependence on God. This transparency can be humbling but also reveals our humanity and the strength we derive from Christ within us.

Wrestling with God: A Sign of Faith, Not Weakness

My journey through anger with God was marked by guilt and doubt. I felt blasphemous for questioning His ways. Yet, this struggle reminded me that our faith is a journey filled with questions and wrestling, much like the biblical figures who grappled with God’s plans. Being honest about our feelings doesn’t push God away; instead, it can deepen our relationship with Him, just like it does in our human relationships.

Understanding the Nature of Faith

It’s frustrating to think that God could resolve our struggles instantly, yet chooses not to. Timothy Keller, in his book “Jesus the King,” explains that Jesus offers something deeper than wish fulfillment. Opening our hearts to God – with all our doubts, fears, and pain – is a challenging process but essential for genuine faith to take root.

The Process of Healing and Growth

God’s promise to lighten our burdens doesn’t imply a swift or easy resolution. Trials are meant to strengthen our faith, develop spiritual maturity, and deepen our reliance on Jesus. This often means gradually handing over our worries and learning to lean on Him. As James 1:3-4 in The Message says, we shouldn’t rush through these trials but let them shape us into well-developed, mature believers.

Embracing the Ongoing Journey

My own story doesn’t have a neat conclusion. I’m still finding my way, but I’ve learned that it’s a collaborative effort. I work on dismissing lies that question my faith while creating space for Jesus to heal and work within me. It’s okay not to be okay. I trust in God’s restorative power and His presence in my moments of weakness.

Conclusion: Finding Strength in the Struggle

Wrestling with God during tough times doesn’t signify a lack of faith. Instead, it’s an integral part of our spiritual journey, leading us to a deeper, more authentic relationship with our Savior. In our vulnerability and honesty, we find true strength and the assurance that we’re not alone in our struggles.