Transformed by Faith: A Gen Z Journey Through Biblical Counseling

As a pastor’s kid growing up in a Christian household, one might assume my life followed a typical, faith-filled path. Yet, my journey was anything but ordinary. At 15, I began battling depression and hallucinations, which escalated into a crisis of faith. By 19, I renounced my Christian upbringing, only to find myself spiraling further into mental health struggles, culminating in a suicide attempt at 20.

In the depths of my despair, I reluctantly agreed to my parents’ condition to seek biblical counseling, skeptical of its impact. However, by the grace of God, at 21, I experienced a profound conviction over my sins and turned my life back to Christ. My life was a tangle of challenges, including bipolar II, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, and the traumatic aftermath of sexual assault.

God, however, was at work in my life. My family and friends encouraged me to see a biblical counselor, and in February of this year, I began sessions with Kevin, a counselor who would profoundly change my perspective on suffering and my relationship with God.

Embracing My Identity as a Child of God

One of my greatest fears was the judgment or pity of others upon discovering my struggles. Kevin helped me see these concerns in light of my true identity as a child of God. This perspective shifted my focus from peer approval to the affirmation of my Heavenly Father. Despite my mental health challenges and past traumas, I am valued and loved unconditionally by God. This realization fortified me against external judgments and deepened my understanding of my secure place in Christ.

Living for the Glory of God

The concept of doing everything for God’s glory seemed straightforward initially, but it gained depth as Kevin and I explored its practical implications. This understanding became particularly relevant in my battle with an eating disorder. I learned that glorifying God isn’t just about giving Him credit for my achievements; it’s also about honoring Him through self-care, including nourishing my body properly.

Faithfulness Over Faultlessness

In the throes of my struggles with eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts, Kevin reminded me that faithfulness doesn’t equate to being without faults. Every time I resist harmful urges, nourish my body, and strive to honor God in my daily actions, I am exhibiting faithfulness. My relationship with God strengthens with each small, faithful step I take.

Today, I continue to meet with Kevin weekly, drawing strength from the reminder of God’s unwavering love and the importance of daily acts of faithfulness. Through biblical counseling, I’ve come to understand that the Christian life isn’t about grand, perfect gestures but rather the thousands of small, faithful steps we take each day.