Rethinking Mentorship

Embrace a new perspective on mentorship that blends friendship and guidance for deeper growth.

During my early post-college years as a campus pastor, I met Jessica, a fast-talking and friendly full-time pastor. Initially assigned as my mentor, Jessica soon became my "friend-tor"—a peer who supported my personal and professional growth. This blend of mentorship and friendship led me to four significant insights.

Intentional Commitments Foster Growth

Most friendships are casual and sporadic, based on convenience and chance. However, intentionally scheduling regular meetings with a friend to share joys, challenges, advice, and prayer can profoundly impact your life. Knowing that someone you admire is committed to understanding and supporting you regularly brings delight and hope.

Mentorship Among Friends

Mentors don't have to be older or more experienced. Everyone around us has unique gifts. By identifying and learning from a friend's strengths, you can create a mutual growth environment. Whether it’s organizational skills or career navigation, these relationships can evolve into meaningful "friend-torships."

Friendships for a Season

Relationships often change due to geography, life stages, or personal growth. Accepting that some mentoring friendships are temporary allows you to move forward and form new connections without clinging to the past. New seasons bring new opportunities for growth and mentorship.

Vulnerability in Friendship

Deep friendships require honesty about our dreams, failures, struggles, and sins. True friends support us in our weaknesses, encourage our strengths, and guide us back to our desired path. Hebrews 10:24 urges us to "stir up one another to love and good works," emphasizing the role of friends in our spiritual and personal development.

Intentional, honest friendships are essential for growth. By blending mentorship with friendship, we can support each other in profound ways.

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