How to Get Your Morning Routine Back

According to a proverb, “the early bird gets the worm.” However, waking up early is only one tip for a productive morning. An effective morning routine can increase productivity, decrease stress, improve motivation and drive, and make you a more successful and optimistic person overall. According to a study, people with consistent morning routines earn $125,000 annually more than those without a routine.

The author of “Life Begins Now,” Chanel Dokun, says that the concept of reclaiming your morning came to her after a suggestion from her New York City pastor. Dokun stated, “It was to address the noise and what it is like to live in a hostile environment such as New York City.” His intention was for us to devote that time to prayer or Bible study, but I began to realize that it had a greater impact on my life.” Dokun stated that it has evolved into setting aside the first portion of her day to check in with her inner voice and refocus on her life’s purpose and daily goals. Dokun concurred, stating that it was the most crucial part of her day.

There are numerous advantages associated with a productive morning routine. These advantages include feeling prepared for the day and experiencing less stress. You may be attempting to learn how to develop and improve your current morning routine, or you may be unsure of how to begin effectively organizing your mornings. Here are a few suggestions for reclaiming your morning routine.

Simple preparation

Contrary to common belief, reclaiming your morning routine begins the night before. A morning routine can only be as effective as the quality of sleep you receive. Most people are aware that it is difficult to be an early riser when running on fumes. For optimal sleep hygiene, you should sleep six to eight hours per night, avoid late-night carbohydrates, lower the temperature and light levels in your room, and maintain a consistent bedtime routine.

If you want to take your evening routine to the next level, it may be beneficial to schedule time for planning the following day before you begin to wind down. By knowing what you will be working on the following day, setting goals the night before increases your likelihood of success and decreases decision paralysis and stress.

To rise earlier

The next step in reclaiming your morning is waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to carve out time for yourself. If you wake up early but spend your time ruminating, you can continue to wake up at the same time. The secret is to awaken with a sense of purpose. It is irrelevant what time you wake up, so do not criticize yourself if you do not wake up by a certain time. To have uninterrupted time, you need only wake up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would. This time is dedicated solely to you getting ready for the day.

Start your day by recording your thoughts on paper

Once you’ve gotten out of bed, Dokun advises you to find a place where you can write down your thoughts. If you don’t know where to begin, as long as you write something down, you can write that. There is no incorrect way to begin; you can begin writing and let your mind wander wherever you desire. As you continue this practice, observe the direction your writing takes. Do you frequently reflect on the past or dwell on the present in your life? Instead of judging your writing, take note of its content.

Avoid using stimulants prior to writing

Dokun also recommends avoiding stimulants before beginning the writing process. Avoiding stimulants entails avoiding sugar and coffee before beginning to write. Coffee is the highlight of the day for most people. However, Dokun noted that sugar and caffeine overstimulated her mind, making it difficult for her to articulate her thoughts. However, you should experiment with this for yourself and determine how it affects your morning routine. If you feel mentally scattered and have trouble concentrating, you may want to replace your morning cup of coffee with something else.

Empty your tank prior to refueling

Adding an educational, spiritual, or physical component to your morning routine may be helpful if you wish to extend it. Some of Dokun’s clients combine journaling with meditation, yoga, stretching, or reading a book, she says. Dokun advises, however, that you should first journal to empty your tank before adding anything new. Before taking in what the world has to offer, the purpose of journaling is to hear your own voice.

Prepare the bed

After writing your thoughts down, you should make your bed. The benefits of making your bed in the morning extend beyond having a nice bed to enter at night. Starting the day with minor accomplishments increases your motivation for the remainder of the day, according to scientific research. Setting a goal’s objective and achieving it releases dopamine, which fuels your motivation to complete additional tasks.

Simply put, making your bed after promising to do so makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a simple way to start the day feeling organized and productive, putting you in a positive frame of mind to conquer the rest of the day. Your morning is the best time to have quiet time to yourself and concentrate on your daily tasks.

As for what Chanel Dokun wants women to take away from “Life Starts Now,” she says, “I hope that women feel validated and recognized that they are not alone in their experience. However, I also wish for them to take action and advance in life. This is your life; begin living it!” To learn more about Chanel Dokun and “Life Begins Now,” click here.