Embracing the Light: Overcoming Our Spiritual Shadows

When we face persistent spiritual darkness, it can sometimes feel like we’re trying to escape our own shadow. This darkness may come in the form of lingering doubt, distorted relationships with our body or food, or the torment of unwanted desires. It clings to us, making the prospect of deliverance seem distant and unreachable. This can lead us to give up trying and resign ourselves to treading water in the deep, dark sea of our struggles.

However, the wisdom of John Owen, a 17th-century theologian, offers an invaluable reminder that we should not become disheartened or complacent. Instead, we should be diligent in seeking God through prayer, studying His Word, and participating in the ordinances of the church. This counsel serves as a warm and weighty reminder that we are not prisoners to our past or present, and we should not grow weary in seeking God.

When faced with persistent darkness, we might feel as though we’ve already tried everything, only to remain stuck in the same place. It’s essential to remember that Scripture provides numerous examples of those who persevered in seeking God despite the challenges they faced. The Gospels, in particular, offer powerful calls to action and encourage us to seek God with renewed diligence.

Jesus tells us to ask, seek, and knock, promising that through these actions, we will find what we’re looking for. However, this doesn’t mean that we should expect immediate deliverance. Sometimes, the process may be longer and more challenging than we initially anticipated. In these moments, it’s crucial to remember that God has never told His people to seek Him in vain (Isaiah 45:19).

As we diligently seek God, we should also be cautious not to rely too heavily on our efforts, rather than placing our hope and trust in Christ Himself. Our prayers, Bible reading, and worship are ways to draw near to Jesus, but the power to heal and deliver us comes from Him alone. We must recognize that our efforts are like the hand on the hem of Christ’s garment, and all the blessing belongs to Him.

For those who persistently cry out, kneel, and reach for Jesus, incredible blessings await. We are not confined to the limitations of our personality, power, or past, but are instead bound to Christ Himself. Through His strength, the long and desperate darkness can begin to lift, and the shipwrecked saint can finally draw near to the shore.

So, let us embrace the light and overcome our spiritual shadows by seeking God with all our hearts and never giving up hope in His power to deliver us.